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Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has just released a new update for Fire Emblem Heroes. On both iOS and Android, version 2.1.0 can be downloaded.

Nintendo’s official patch notes are as follows:

・ The limit on Hero Merit has been increased to 4,000.
・ Additional possibilities await in Sacred Seal Forge and Weapon Refinery.
・ A new feature to check the battle map before battle has been added.
・ New maps have been added to the Arena.
・ Bug fixes.

Source: iOS / Android

Fire Emblem Heroes has kicked off the latest Bound Hero Battle with Ephraim and Eirika. These two characters originally appeared in The Sacred Stones. In Fire Emblem Heroes, they can be encountered in Special Maps.

Players can challenge their skills on Hard to Infernal difficulties. Limited-time special quests have also been activated.

A quick update on Fire Emblem Heroes: first up, a new set of quests has been added. The Infantry Mastery quests, as the name implies, require you to clear specific Training Tower Stratums and Paralogue missions using a team consisting entirely of infantry units. Clearing these quests gets you shards, crystals and orbs.

Also, the Voting Gauntlet event has entered into its final stage. Lissa and Azura have beaten their respective opponents and will now face each other in the final round. The event will end on Sunday.

A new summoning focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. The summoning focus is called “Effective Against Cavalry” and it features 5 star versions of Gray, Mathilda, and Rhajat. This summoning focus will be available until January 18th.

The new Winter Festival vs. New Year’s Voting Gauntlet has officially started in Fire Emblem Heroes. Take a look at some footage below.

Fire Emblem Heroes is celebrating the new year in a few different ways. These include log-in bonuses, special maps, and quests.

First, Nintendo is offering a log-in bonus where you can obtain 20 Orbs when you log in up to 10 times. Between January 1 and January 3, special maps will be available to earn Orbs (up to 18 in total). And lastly, you’ll be able to partake in quests until January 8 to earn Orbs and Stamina Potions.

To celebrate 2018, Fire Emblem Heroes started a New Year’s event, including a new paralogue map. Check out some footage below.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Year celebration has officially started. As part of a new summoning focus, some Special Heroes have appeared wearing traditional New Year’s garb – specifically Camilla, Takumi, and Azura.

Nintendo will also be starting a new event tomorrow. Voting Gauntlet: Winter Festival vs. New Year’s will feature the following:

– Robin: Festive Tactician
– Lissa: Pure Joy
– Chrom: Gifted Leader
– Tharja: “Normal Girl”
– Azura: Celebratory Spirit
– Camilla: Holiday Traveler
– Takumi: Prince of Soup
– Ryoma: Peerless Samurai

Fire Emblem Heroes is about to kick off its New Year’s event. It will feature Azura, Takumi, and Camilla in special garb.

We have official art of the different characters below. You’ll also find a couple of images that act as calendars / wallpapers for January.


Fire Emblem Heroes has updated once again with content. Players can partake in the latest Bound Hero Battle and summoning focus.

Here’s the official description of the Bound Hero Battle:

“Liege and retainer from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Raven: Peerless Fighter and Lucius: The Light are waiting in Special Maps for Bound Hero Battle: Raven & Lucius. Take on Hard through Infernal modes to get Orbs!”

As for the summoning focus, you can obtain Raven: Peerless Fighter, Lucius: The Light, and Priscilla: Delicate Princess. The first time you summon, you won’t have to use any Orbs.

Source: Fire Emblem Heroes

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