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Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced Despair and Hope as the next summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will feature Ilyana, Shinon, Gatrie, and Jill from Path of Radiance. A new story chapter is also planned.

Fire Emblem Heroes kicks off Despair and Hope on September 18. View a trailer for the event below.

A new summoning focus is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes, Heroes With Rally+ Skills. This event features the Heroes Midori: Reliable Chemist, Eliwood: Marquess Pherae, and Leila: Rose and Fang. In addition, Rally+ skills grant up to +6 to certain stats for a target ally for one turn. This Summoning Focus will be active until September 24.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently hosting the Frontline Phalanx event, featuring a great deal of new content:

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting a few things starting today.

A new Summoning Focus has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes, New Power. This summoning event features Heroes who have gained new skills: Celica: Warrior Priestess, Hector: Brave Warrior, Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord, and Veronica: Brave Princess. As usual, the first summon of this event will cost no Orbs. This event lasts until September 16.

Additionally, there are some new weapons to refine: Royal Sword, Maltet, Garm, and Hliðskjálf.

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting several new pieces of content starting today, including an opportunity for Twitter users to vote on upcoming events. Check out more details below.

Fire Emblem Heroes is hosting several new events starting today. Check out a roundup:

Fire Emblem Heroes has a few new pieces of content being made available today.

First, 37th Assault, a new Squad Assault map, has been released. This is a permanent addition to the game with no end date.

A new set of Quests has been released as well, these Special Quests being Coliseum and Ordeals Quests. Players will have the chance to earn Orbs and Hero Feathers from clearing conditions. Coliseum and Ordeals Quests will be available until September 21.

Lastly, the latest Voting Gauntlet has ended, and the winner was Dimitri. You can find more information on the latest Voting Gauntlet here.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ newest update is out now (version 4.9.0), setting up an event called Frontline Phalanx and bringing a feature to change Hero traits. Frontline Phalanx is not live quite yet but this update will add the event area and players will be able to access it when it goes live on September 15, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. PT. 

A feature that has been added for immediate use is the ability to change a Hero’s asset or flaw using items called Trait Fruit. The specifics of this feature are listed below for more information, as well as the full patch notes.

Fire Emblem Heroes is gearing up for its next summoning event. To Stay Dreaming will feature Special Heroes dressed in elegant dancewear, including Lachesis, Ethlyn, Quan, and Sigurd. A new Paralogue Story is also planned.

To Stay Dreaming kicks off in Fire Emblem Heroes on September 8. View a trailer for the event below.