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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes New Heroes, Ascended Ced, & Rearmed Plumeria

Fire Emblem Heroes has announced New Heroes, Ascended Ced, & Rearmed Plumeria as its latest summoning event.

Rearmed Hero Plumeria: Rapturous Dream, Ascended Hero Ced: Sage of the Wind, Febail: Mercenary Waif, and Fee: Aspiring Knight will be featured here. Most of these characters represent Genealogy of the Holy War. Note that a Grand Hero Battle with Arion: Gungnir’s Heir is also planned.

Fire Emblem Heroes Winds Offered

Winds Offered will be the next major summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced.

Claude: Golden Breeze (voiced by Joe Zieja, art by Nishiki Areku), Dager: Bluster Princess (voiced by Alex Cazares, art by argon), Catria: Windswept Knight (voiced by Connor Kelley, art by sachi), and Kagero: Bond Unwavering as a duo star(voiced by Sarah Blandy + Fria Coleman, art by ekao) will be featured. Additionally, 5 Special Hero Fuga: Force of Gales will appear as a Score Reward in the next Tempest Trials+ event.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.9.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are gearing up for the next Fire Emblem Heroes update, version 7.9.0.

The update will include new skills for some Mythic Heroes, new weapons to refine are coming, and more. We have the full rundown below.

Fire Emblem Heroes Alear: Awoken Divinity

Fire Emblem Heroes has announced its latest Legendary Hero, which will be Alear: Awoken Divinity from Fire Emblem Engage.

The character is voiced by Laura Stahl and features art from Kousei Horiguchi. Alear’s lineup of skills include Dragon’s Fist, Dragon Blast, Atk/Spd Finish 4, Null-C Disrupt 4, and Atk/Spd Pledge.

The Alear: Awoken Divinity event for Fire Emblem Heroes goes live on  August 31, 2023. Players will also be able to summon previously released 5-star Legendary Heroes and Mythic Heroes.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.8.0

Initially discussed during the latest Feh Channel presentation for Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have properly announced the version 7.8.0 update for Fire Emblem Heroes. Additionally, we have the full patch notes.

Here’s the full rundown:

Fire Emblem Heroes August 2023 Feh Channel

Fire Emblem Heroes is offering up a look at what’s on the horizon for the mobile game with a new Feh Channel presentation for August 2023.

The first item on the docket covers the Summer Celebration with various events and activities planned in the near future. We also get to hear about Invitation to Tea summoning event (Lysithea: Tea Sweetener, Ferdinand: Highborn Sipper, Sigurd: Proper Pourer, and Tailtiu: Teatime Manager). Lastly, there’s some news about the next version update.

Fire Emblem Heroes Freyr Dream-King

Freyr: Dream-King is the latest Mythic Hero to be announced for Fire Emblem Heroes.

The character is voiced by Jason Marnocha and features art from Yoshiku. His lineup of learnable skills at five stars include Dream Horn, Ignis, Atk/Def Clash 4, Lull Atk/Def 4, and Dream Deliverer.

Fire Emblem Heroes Rearmed Eitr & Rearmed Alcryst

Rearmed Eitr & Rearmed Alcryst is next up as the latest summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will include Diamant: Rising Power (voiced by Stephen Fu, art by Suekane Kumiko), Citrinne: Caring Noble (voiced by Brittney Karbowski, art by ne-on), Alcryst: Tender Archer (voiced by Micah Solusod, art by sena), and Eitr: Hand of Nothing (voiced by Caitlyn Elizabeth, art by Kippu).

Diamant’s learnable skills are Fair-Fight Blade, Bonfire, and Atk/Def Finish 4. Citrinne’s are Tome of Luxuries, Iceberg, Special Spiral 4, and Atk/Res Oath 4. For Alcryst, the skills are Arcane Darkbow, Deadeye, Flash Sparrow, Get Behind Me, and Def/Res Smoke 3. Lastly, Eitr has Arcane Nihility, Luna, Power of Nihility, Beast Sense 4, Alarm Atk/Spd.

Yet another Fire Emblem Heroes summoning event is on the way, this time for Summer Firsts. It will include Ivy: Tidal Breeze (voiced by Reba Buhr, art by cuboon), Fjorm: Seaside Thaw (voiced by Heather Watson, art by Maeshima Shigeki), Tharja: Beach Dark Mage (voiced by Stephanie Sheh, art by Mai Okuma), and Ymir: Seasons of Life (voiced by Erin Yvette and Xanthe Huynh, art by ichikawa Halu)

The skills for Ivy include Divine Draught, Glimmer, Still Water 4, Sabotage A/R 3, and Soaring Guidance. Fjorm can use Ice-Bound Brand, Frostbite Mirror, Atk/Spd Finish 4, Spurn 4, and Time’s Pulse 4. For Tharja it’s Seashell Bowl+, Draw Back, S/R Far Trace 3, and Atk/Spd Gap 3. Lastly, Ymir has Sparkling Sun, Moonbow, Fireblood Boost 3, Mystic Boost 4, and Everliving Domain.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.7.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced the next update for Fire Emblem Heroes, version 7.7.0.

The game is adding new skills for a Legendary and Mythic Hero, the lineup of Limited-Time Combat Manuals is being updated, new weapon skills and weapons will be available, and more.

The official patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 7.7.0 update are as follows:

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