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A demo for Nine Parchments has gone live on the North American and European Switch eShops. Have a look at some footage below.

Frozenbyte has a special treat in store for Switch owners. As of today, a demo for Nine Parchments is available on the eShop.

The demo supports up to four players in local co-op. Three levels are included: the tutorial at the Astral Academy, a shimmering beach level, and a boss fight against a gigantic Treasure Mantis. In the full game, players will be able to access online co-op and a full suite of features like additional spells and the skill point system.

We have a demo for the Nine Parchments demo below.

Source: Frozenbyte PR

Frozenbyte has prepared a major expansion for Has-Been Heroes. It’s out now as a free update on Switch.

New to Has-Been Heroes are Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief from Trine as playable characters. They can be accessed after unlocking the Epic Quest mode. Sky Temple has also been added as a new region, along with “Challenge Mode” and “Seed More”.

We have the full rundown about the expansion and a trailer below.

On the latest episode of Fragments of Silicon, Kai Tuovinen from Frozenbyte was interviewed. Tuovinen was asked about the already-released Has-Been Heroes as well as Nine Parchments.

To begin, Tuovinen indicated that Has-Been Heroes has been selling the best on Switch. Tuovinen didn’t share any specific numbers, though that was in part due to since he didn’t have any information on-hand. Switch’s small library could have played a role in the strong performance, but the fact that people were interested in the game and were giving it a shot was encouraging.

IGN has a new look at Trine developer Frozenbyte’s new game Nine Parchments. Watch 13 minutes of footage below.

Nine Parchments gameplay from PAX West 2017

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More PAX West footage from GameXplain, this time we have some gameplay footage of Nine Parchments which you can check out down below.

Nintendo’s Gamescom live stream for the day wrapped up with a look at Frozenbyte’s Nine Parchments running on Switch. We’ve included the recording its entirety below.

Frozenbyte put out a new Nine Parchments video today showing off the cast of playable characters in Nine Parchments. It includes a special appearance by Amadeus, a character from the Trine series.

Those who stop by Gamescom at the Indie Arena Booth or PAX West at the Indie Megabooth can play Nine Parchments on Switch for the first time. It will include four player co-op and a boss battle against a dangerous, firebreathing Treasure Mantis. The Japanese version will be playable at Tokyo Game Show in September, by the way.

Trine developer Frozenbyte shared a new video for its upcoming Switch game Nine Parchments. Below, you can get a closer look at one of the characters: Nim the Cleaner.


Trine developer Frozenbyte shared a new video for its upcoming Switch game Nine Parchments today. Below, you can get a closer look at one of the characters: the Mechanical Owl.


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