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Monster Boy

It wasn’t too long ago that FDG Entertainment announced an overhaul for the visuals of Monster Boy. The game now features hand-drawn designs and animations.

For today’s reveal, we have a look at the new approach to the lion character. Here’s what FDG said about the change:

Today we reveal the new hand-drawn design of the lion and he wears some cool ice equipment. This is the best equipment to have for the scorching hot volcano area and will help you to survive much longer. Deal more damage to fire-based enemies and take less damage from them – it’s a perfect combination! The lion transformation makes Jin much stronger and he can dash super fast but never forget all the other transformations. Jin can switch his form anytime and you’ll need to be smart to combine them in a most efficient way. Sometimes you need the power of a lion, sometimes the small size of a tiny snake to be successful. The further you go, the more transformations are needed to survive and everyone will know that the cursed kingdom can only be saved by Monster Boy.

Thanks to HerosShade for the tip.


FDG Entertainment had some big news for Monster Boy last week. The game is seeing a graphical overhaul with reworked characters and animations. Monster Boy implemented hand-drawn characters since the last time we saw it.

Today, FDG revealed the next redone character in a blog post. Our first look at the new version of the frog is above.

Here’s what FDG had to say about the change:

As you can see, the proportions of the frog are now different. With the new freedom of entirely hand-drawn animation we are not dependent on an overarching skeleton/puppet system anymore which means we can let him do really cool stunts. Swinging rings and using the tongue will now look much more dynamic. He’s also looking more like a frog than before which adds a lot to the visual variety while playing Monster Boy. We hope you like the new look!

Thanks to HerosShade for the tip.


The team behind Monster Boy shared an update about another major graphical overhaul today. Characters as well as their animations have been reworked. Monster Boy will now feature hand-drawn animation, and the sprites are being redone.

FDG Entertainment explained the change in a blog post today:

A lengthy gameplay video has arrived for Monster Boy based on its appearance at Gamescom this week. View the direct-feed footage below.

A number of upcoming Switch games have demos at Gamescom this week, including Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Flipping Death, Monster Boy, and Away. Off-screen footage of all three is attached below.

FDG Entertainment has provided a brief, first look at Monster Boy running on Switch with a new gameplay clip. Watch it below.

Monster Boy will be playable on Switch for the first time at Gamescom next week.

Monster Boy details map features

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A new blog post went up on the official Monster Boy blog this week covering the game’s map features. In the game, you’ll have a map that shows an overview at all times.

The image above offers a look at the map, which is only partially filled in to avoid spoilers.

Players will start out at the beach, leading up to a lighthouse with the first boss encounter. The map “not only shows the pathway, but many more details.”

Here’s a rundown of map features you can expect:

Planning on attending Gamescom 2017 in Germany next month? If so, you’ll be able to go hands-on Monster Boy, as a playable demo will be running on Switch.

FDG Entertainment shared the news in a blog post published today. A handful of screenshots have also been released, available below.


FDG Entertainment published another new blog for Monster Boy. For today’s entry, we’re once again able to see how one of the game’s areas has been completely reworked.

This is what Monster World Village used to look like:

And the new version:

The old version of the inn “looks nice but not refined enough to meet todays standards.” As for the new version, it “shows the new quality level which we aim to reach in all areas of the game.” The developers added: “With 4 years in production, we don’t want to have any drawbacks and finish the game properly so it can shine and impress.”


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap made it to Switch last month, but we also can’t forget about Monster Boy – which is also planned for the system. Last week, the developers shared a blog to show off the game’s improved visuals.

What you see is the new visual style. The image below is the old version. It now features added lighting and detail.

Good news: Monster Boy may not be too far off. The team is now “in the final stage of development.”


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