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FDG Entertainment

FDG Entertainment has shared more information about Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom’s 1.0.4 update. We previously knew about multi saveslots, but players can also expect:

FDG Entertainment has announced a new update for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. With version 1.0.4, multi save slots will be added.

FDG hasn’t provided any additional information about the patch. We’ll pass along word when it’s live.


FDG Entertainment shared an interesting sales tidbit regarding Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on social media today. The company revealed that the sales ratio on Switch is 8:1 vs. all other platforms. The game is currently out on Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

FDG said on Twitter just a short while ago:

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has already sold 50,000 copies, FDG Entertainment has announced. A breakdown by platform was not provided.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom launched last Tuesday after it was in development for several years. It’s available both physically and digitally.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is nearly here, and new footage has emerged from the final release. Check out 43 minutes of gameplay on Switch below.

At long last, it appears that Monster Boy is finally set to debut both digitally and physically for the Nintendo Switch on December 4, as stated by publisher FDG Entertainment early last month.

After what was a somewhat tumultuous period of release date delays from Spring to Summer, the studio has announced that the game has gone gold, setting the release date in stone once and for all.

Monster Boy pushed back to December 4

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Monster Boy will be arriving slightly later than originally expected. Due to “unforeseen difficulties” with the production of the physical version, it’ll now be releasing on December 4.

Monster Boy was originally scheduled for a November 6 launch. That means we’re looking at roughly a month delay.

FDG Entertainment wrote on its blog today:

The Famicast has captured some footage of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom from its appearance at the Tokyo Game Show this week. A couple of videos can be found below.

Blossom Tales publisher FDG Entertainment has provided an update on the game’s strong performance on Switch. According to the company, sales on Nintendo’s platform have now surpassed Steam sales by a factor of 20.

FDG previously said that Blossom Tales sold double the amount of units on Switch launch day compared to lifetime sales on Steam. In March, we heard that Switch surpassed Steam lifetime revenue by 20x.


FDG Entertainment has a new build of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom up and running at Gamescom this week. Check out some off-screen Switch footage below.