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Game Atelier

Limited Run Games is teaming up with FDG Entertainment and Game Atelier on a new collector’s edition for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. It will include various physical goodies, including a two-disc soundtrack and 64-page booklet.

Pre-orders open on August 24 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. You’ll be able to reserve a copy here.


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

FDG Entertainment has finally set a date for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. Announced during today’s Indie Highlights presentation, the game will launch on November 6.

Here’s a brief overview:

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom borrows the best elements from the classic Wonder Boy in Monster World series to deliver a fresh, modern platforming adventure filled with shape-shifting gameplay, memorable music and stunning hand-drawn animation.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

FDG Entertainment readied a few new screenshots from the beautiful Switch title Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. See the latest images below for a look at the final graphics with hand-drawn character animations.


Publisher FDG Entertainment is bringing Game Atelier’s platformer Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom to Switch this year. On Twitter, the publisher shared some new technical information.

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will run at 60 frames per second in all play modes. When Switch is docked, the game will run at 1080p. The resolution drops a bit to 720p in portable mode.


FDG Entertainment has announced that their upcoming Switch game Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is getting a physical release in North America, where it’ll be released “later this Summer”. The digital version will be released on the same day. SEGA will be assisting FDG Entertainment with publishing the game. Sadly, no news so far on a physical release in other regions.


FDG Entertainment shared the latest screenshots from Monster Boy today. The images show the game’s updated graphics, which now feature hand-drawn animations for all transformations, which adds quite a bit of new detail. If you compare them to the screenshots released at Gamescom last year, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Below are the new images:

The team is now involved with much “crunching” as the development comes closer to completion. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until launch.

Thanks to HerosShade for the tip.


FDG Entertainment previously teased a couple of titles for Switch, one being Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (not to be confused with DotEmu’s Wonder Boy which is also on the way). The company has since confirmed the game for Nintendo’s new system. It’ll be coming out sometme this year.

FDG tweeted the news yesterday:


Game Atelier has pulled the plug on its Kickstarter for Flying Hamster II. The studio is planning a relaunch in the future, which will include “a new approach and lots of improvements”.

Even more notable is that Game Atelier is teaming up with publisher FDG Entertainment to produce the game. Flying Hamster II will initially come to Steam, and “other ports will follow later.” Hopefully that means we’ll still be seeing the title on Nintendo platforms at some point in the future.


Game Atelier has launched its Kickstarter for Flying Hamster II. You can check out the campaign here with more details about the project.

Flying Hamster II will need to raise $150,000 in order to secure funding. Wii U and 3DS stretch goal amounts haven’t been determined yet, but it seems that they’ll be set past $350,000.

Game Atelier intends to launch a Kickstarter next week for Flying Hamster II. Nintendo fans will be pleased to hear that stretch goals will include Wii U and 3DS versions. Additionally, if funding reaches a certain amount, the game will include local two-player co-op.

Flying Hamster II features side-scrolling, action RPG gameplay. That’s a change from the first title – originally released back in 2010 – which was a horizontal shooter.

Flying Hamster II’s Kickstarter will go live on April 4. The project itself will be completed in mid-2015.


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