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Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo’s regular news updates for Super Mario Odyssey continue on. On the game’s Japanese Twitter account, Nintendo showed off one of the new enemies you’ll see.

The screenshot above offers a look at Tomapon. These enemies are located in the Mount Volbono section of Luncheon Kingdom). When Mario steps on a Tomapon, its magma spreads, so you’ll need to watch out for these potentially dangerous enemies.

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Earlier tonight, the packaging images were revealed for the new Super Mario Odyssey amiibo. Fans have already been pouring over every tiny detail from the boxarts to see if anything is new. And as it turns out, it looks like we have the names of three more kingdoms – potential spoilers ahead.

Nintendo has tweeted out a new image from Super Mario Odyssey showing off the inside of the Odyssey.

The tweet also mentions that you can add objects such as stickers & souvenirs inside the Odyssey by purchasing them using the regional coins you find in each Kingdom.


The Japanese Twitter account for Super Mario Odyssey posted another new update today. This time around, we’re given another look at Princess Peach’s wedding dress in the game. Check out the image above.

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Super Mario Odyssey follows the same style as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine by featuring sandbox gameplay. However, the Switch title will set itself apart in one notable way.

When Nintendo live streamed from Gamescom earlier this week with producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, it was briefly mentioned that no hub world is included in Super Mario Odyssey. Although some may have assumed that a hub world wouldn’t be included, this is the first time Nintendo has confirmed it directly.

At the Nintendo World Championships qualifiers last weekend, attendees at Best Buy were given a flyer containing pre-order news about Super Mario Odyssey. The page stated that pre-orders placed between August 18 and September 23 would come with a collectible coin.

Thankfully, Best Buy has confirmed that the offer will apply to previous reservations that were placed. A store representative on the official Best Buy forums said that the coin should be applied “retroactively added prior to release, so there should be no reason to cancel and replace your pre-order.”

At Gamescom, The Verge chatted with Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. While the two talked, Koizumi touched on Nintendo’s approach to story in Mario games, Shigeru Miyamoto’s involvement with Odyssey, and the chances of a second 3D Mario title for Switch.

Head on below for some notable excerpts from the interview. For the full discussion, read up on The Verge here

Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, stopped by Nintendo’s Gamescom live stream to kick off the day with some Super Mario Odyssey gameplay. We’ve posted the full recording below.

Nintendo is back again with another Super Mario Odyssey Twitter update. The latest update covers the tank-like enemies called Sherms, one of the enemies Mario can capture with Cappy.

As expected, the Captured Sherms allow Mario to move around as a tank and shoot enemies with the cannon.

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Super Mario Odyssey was featured during Nintendo’s Gamescom live stream earlier today. Towards the end of the first demo with producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, we’re able to see the name of another kingdom. That’s none other than the Seaside Kingdom.

It’s likely that we’ve already seen the Seaside Kingdom, though only very briefly. It’s likely where we see Mario capturing a Cheep Cheep in the trailer from E3.

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