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Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo’s fact sheet for Super Mario Odyssey mentioned that “some” previously released amiibo will be compatible with Super Mario Odyssey. However, the new developer diary confirms that all will work with the game in one form or another. Nintendo is also preparing special Super Mario Odyssey amiibo with Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser in their wedding outfits.

This information comes from Super Mario Odyssey director Kenta Motokura…

On how a throwable cap was integral from the start…

“As far as the hat action goes it was included in one of the prototypes the staff had come up with. It was part of the game right from the beginning. We have several different themes that arose from those prototypes, and one of those was focusing on the Joy-Con [motion controls].”

On how it’s not always clear what you can interact with, which is intentional…

“Because throwing the cap is a new action, we want players to feel empowered or encouraged to go ahead and try this action wherever they feel it might work. There are certain topographical hints near areas where you’re going to be looking, and you might say ‘That looks like some place my hat might reach or might attach to.’ So there are some hidden elements like that, that players will start to get used to.”

“The game’s structure isn’t designed so that you have side quests, it’s more that as you’re traveling around the different kingdoms or areas, you’ll find something that attracts your attention and there may be some sort of a quest around that, but it’s all about going and finding and collecting the Power Moons. You need a certain number of Moons to unlock a new kingdom, so some of these what we might consider side quests, are solving some issue within a kingdom, but the real goal of that is to provide you with enough Power Moons to move on with the main storyline.”

Two new blog posts have gone up on the Nintendo Treehouse Log over on Tumblr. The first one, written by Bill Trinen, talks about Super Mario Odyssey and its sandbox nature. You can also find a separate post about Metroid: Return of Samus here.

The official Nintendo Twitter has shared a few more screenshots of Super Mario Odyssey. Check them out below.


In a new video posted by Nintendo of Japan, one scene shows Mario wearing what looks a whole lot like a Super Mario Maker costume. You can briefly see it just before the 4-minute mark below.

Now may also be a good time to mention that Super Mario Odyssey has an official Twitter account here. It already has some screenshots / images.

Super Mario Run players can begin to obtain special Super Mario Odyssey items. In total, four different ones are being offered.

Items are as follows:

Cappy Statue – 2,000 coins (starts June 13)
Captured Goomba Statue – 1,000 coins (stars June 15)
Captured Hammer Bro Statue – 1,500 coins (starts June 17)
Captured Chain Chomp Statue – 3,000 coins (starts June 19)

All of these items will be available until July 6.

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