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The Sexy Brutale

Tequila Works brought The Sexy Brutale to Switch last week. Although the game itself is generally considered to be quite good, unfortunately, the Switch port has not gone over well. We’ve been starting to hear that it’s plagued by technical issues.

Tequila Works is at least on the case. In a tweet sent out on the official Twitter account today, the studio promised that a patch is in the works to improve performance and resolution, and to address other problems.


20 minutes of footage is now available showing off the new release of The Sexy Brutale on Switch. Check out the gameplay below.

Tequila Works shared a launch trailer for The Sexy Brutale, out today on Switch as an eShop download. Watch the video below.

The Sexy Brutale is releasing December 7 on Switch, Tequilla Works has announced. The title had been confirmed for the platform earlier in the ye

We have today’s news straight from the official Twitter account:

For more on The Sexy Brutale, find the overview and trailer below.

Last week, we came across a Switch classification for The Sexy Brutale from PEGI. The official announcement about a Switch release has now come in from Japan of all places.

Below is a general overview:

The Sexy Brutale may have a chance of coming to Switch. On July 14, PEGI rated the game for the console.

Classifications don’t always confirm releases, but usually they’re intended to be used in some way. It would be rather strange for The Sexy Brutale to be rated on Switch if Tequila Works doesn’t intend to bring it to the platform, though perhaps it’s a possibility the studio is exploring for the future.

We reached out to Tequila Works earlier this week and asked about the classification, but have thus far not heard back. We’ll let you know if we receive an official comment from the company.