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Wobbly Tooth has announced that Battleminerz is heading to 3DS on December 21. It’s scheduled for release in North America, Europe, the UK, and Australia on that day.

Wobbly Tooth shared the news in a tweet:

Battleminerz features an infinite open world with character customization, texture packs, unique wildlife, and more. Adventure, Creative, Horde, and Battle modes are included along with the ability to play with friends locally or online.


Following 3DS games such as Battleminer, Wobbly Tooth has announced Battleminerz for 3DS. It promises an infinite open world with character customization, texture packs, unique wildlife, and more. The game also has Adventure, Creative, Horde, and Battle modes plus the ability to play with friends locally or online.

Battleminerz is scheduled for release in Winter 2017. Watch the first trailer below.

Wobbly Tooth has wrapped up an update for Ice Station Z. After applying version 1.2, players will have access to new weapons, locations, vehicles and passengers, and more. Improvements and bug fixes are implemented as well.

Wobbly Tooth says the update will be ready on March 1. The full patch notes and trailer can be found below.


A new 3DS theme based on Ice Station Z is now available in Europe (soon to follow in North America). Get a closer look at it below.

Wobbly Tooth has finished work on Ice Station Z’s first patch, which is coming next month. The game will be updated to version 1.1.

Players will want to download the new update since it addresses a number of issues and makes improvements to the games. If all goes according to plan, it can be downloaded beginning on January 11.

Full patch notes are posted below from an official Miiverse notice.

Ice Station Z is ambitious in the sense that online worldwide multiplayer is supported with game chat. You can see what this area of the title has to offer with some off-screen footage below.

Nintendo Impact Gaming has given us a look at Ice Station Z with some off-screen gameplay. Find some footage of the new 3DS eShop title below.

Ice Station Z file size

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3DS owners can now obtain Ice Station Z from the 3DS eShop. To do so, you’ll need 346 blocks of free space on an SD card. That amounts to 43.25 MB.


Wobbly Tooth will soon be bringing Ice Station Z to the 3DS eShop. It’ll be the indie developer’s fourth 3DS eShop game, following Toy Stunt Bike, Battleminer, and Magic Hammer.

Ice Station Z is an open-world zombie survival experience. That means you can expect zombies, survival, exploration, and vehicles. Both online and local multiplayer are supported. When playing with others through the internet, voice chat and text chat can be used.

Ice Station Z will be available on November 3 in North America, and Europe soon after that. We’ve attached the official trailer below.

Battleminer developer Wobbly Tooth is bringing out its new game next week. Next Thursday, “The Magic Hammer” will be distributed on the 3DS eShop for $5.99.

The Magic Hammer is an open-world co-op action RPG. Players can create a character and explore different worlds, battle enemies (including bosses), mine/build, and play with others locally or online.

Take a look at the official game trailer below.

Thanks to umejjos for the tip.

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