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Hamster has announced that it will make 3D Thunder Scepter II available as its latest Arcade Archives game on Switch. It’s due out tomorrow on March 16. A shooter first released in 1986 by Namco, the game is particularly notable for being one of the first to utilise stereoscopic 3D in the arcade, although this is not a feature that will be supported in the Switch release. The game sees players moving through a variety of stages to safely reach the Federation Military Base.


The newest update for Astroneer has been released on Switch, bringing the game up to version 1.27.301.0. This update addresses some bug fixes, and fixes some issues with servers and multiplayer. Full details can be found below:

Nearly a year after its Japanese release, Metal Dogs finally released on Switch in the West earlier this month, and now gameplay footage of the shoot ’em up action game is available. Players interested in the Metal Max spin-off can check out 25 minutes of footage below:

DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos releases today on Switch, and publisher Bandai Namco have uploaded a launch trailer of Outright Games’ latest action game to celebrate.

For more information on the game, check out the overview below:

This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

Hamster has announced that it will make Turbo Force available as its latest Arcade Archives game on Switch. Originally released in 1991, Turbo Force is a shooter in which three air force pilots have suddenly slipped back in time to a futuristic world, which they will need to save by modifying their cars to combat a mysterious enemy.

Turbo Force will release digitally for Switch via the eShop tomorrow on March 9.


Developer GameAtomic and publisher Elden Pixels have announced that Kraino Origins will be releasing on Switch digitally via the eShop later this month on March 28. The game is a retro action platformer in which players take control of the titular character Kraino as they make their way through eight different levels.

Here’s an overview of the game and a trailer, courtesy of GameAtomic:

Publisher Neon Doctrine and developer Tanuki Game Studio have announced that The Library of Babel will release for Switch via the eShop next month on April 7, and have shared a new trailer. Inspired by Jorge Luis Borjes’ short story of the same name, the game is a 2D stealth platformer which will see players exploring a variety of hand-drawn environments.

For more information about the game and the trailer, see below:

The latest update for Redemption Reapers has been released, bringing the game to version 1.0.3. Whilst this version only adjusts the availability of skirmishes, publisher Binary Haze Interactive have released patch notes for the more extensive version 1.0.4., which is due to be released next week on March 10. Full details of this upcoming patch can be found below:

A new update has been released for Wylde Flowers, bringing the game up to version 1.4. This update sees the release of Violet’s Boutique, which will be available to players after they have completed the “Out of Whole Cloth” quest. The update also includes a Photo Mode. For further details, see below:

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