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Wii – 35,000 units sold (out of 50,000 units at launch)
Wii Sports – 30,000 units sold
Swing Golf Pangya – 8,000 units sold
Zack & Wiki – 8,000 units sold
FIFA – 2,000 units sold



– Some or all of the new Pinatas (7) are also in Trouble in Paradise.
– Rumble Pak support!
– Uses a 128MB game card! (A.S.H. is the only DS game to use the 256MB card)


PSP 70,536
Wii 41,572
DS Lite 34,905

PS3 7,701
PS2 7,022
Xbox 360 1,474


This trailer has been posted on the front page of GameTrailers and is marked down as a Wii title. The game does not have a name, nor do we know whether this will be heading to Wii or WiiWare.


In most instances, Nintendo sales figures are generally accepted only when Nintendo reports the numbers themselves. VGChartz reports, however, that Wii Fit has sold 650,000 copies in its first day in the market, providing Nintendo with $60 million. Although it allegedly did not perform as well as Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit had a stellar first day performance nonetheless. Given the popularity of Wii Fit, the 650,000 mark is not out of the question, though it’s best to take this bit of news with a grain of salt until Nintendo confirms this news.

Wii Remote Robotic Arm

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Video after the break due to autoplay.


The Oddworld series has quite a history. Games have appeared on the PlayStation, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Xbox. A new game has been discovered and is currently in development. Although there is no firm platform announced, there are quite a few details on the title. There’s a new 3D system in the works which allows for a 1:1 ratio for cinematic-like animation quality. Also, there is a hint that when the game releases, there will be episodic content to accompany it as well. Because the latest iteration of Oddworld released on the Xbox, the new game points to a 360 release. However, based on the history of the series, it’s possible that this title will release on either the PlayStation 3 or Wii.


Since the launch of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has been king of the sales figures. Almost every month, it seems Nintendo has yet another statistic to provide the gaming industry with. Nintendo has more figures to report and the news is quite big. According to the big N, in the first 18 months of the Wii’s lifespan, 50 million games were sold to consumers, not including Wii Sports or downloadable titles. This statistic has apparently surpassed the PS2, in which Nintendo claims only sold 42 million titles in its first 18 months. Compared to other systems, the Xbox 360 sold 30 million, the Xbox at approximately 28 million and the PlayStation 3 at around 20 million.


“We’re working on our first title with a publisher, which we can’t really announce anything about other than it’s a casual title for Wii — when I say casual I always think it sounds like Scrabble or something like that but I mean casual like Wii Sports — and that’s going great and we’ve been looking at a couple of studios for acquisition, which I can’t really say anything about either! But if they make financial sense we’ll go for them….It’s an adaptation of a coin-op… That’s not even out itself.” – John Kavanagh, head of Kuju America

This is really quite a different pace for Kuju. The development company is known for its Battalion Wars games on the GameCube and Wii and bother are pretty hardcore. The casual game is being development by Kuju America (a new studio was recently opened), though the Kuju team in the UK is involved in the project.



Rumblings of a sequel to Elebits, Konami’s 2006’s Wii launch title, began a few months back. However, the project has been confirmed by the Official Nintendo Magazine in their newest issue. No details were spared besides a confirmation, but with all undercover projects, the title may be featured at E3.