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February 19, 2009 – GRAPEVINE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GameStop (NYSE: GME), the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer, announced that starting today, customers can begin reserving Nintendo’s newest, must-have portable gaming system, the Nintendo DSi, at their local GameStop. A $25 deposit is required at the time of reservation. The Nintendo DSi will retail for $169.99 and will be available at GameStop nationwide on Sunday, April 5.

The Nintendo DSi will be available in two colors, blue and black, and comes with new features and applications that will allow customers to personalize and create their very own Nintendo DSi experiences. With its new thin and sleek design, the Nintendo DSi includes an SD card slot and bigger LCD screens. The two built in cameras for the Nintendo DSi Camera application allows customers to manipulate, then share, their photos, while the interactive voice recorder and music player for the Nintendo DSi Sound application will allow customers to play with their music while they listen to it. The catalog of more than 850 Nintendo DS games is also compatible with the Nintendo DSi.

“We’re not talking about DSi software at the moment – we’ll do so closer to launch.” – Nintendo UK rep

This shouldn’t be too surprising, but at least this does seem to show that there will be a few DSiWare titles available at launch. I’m sure North America will also receives news about DSiWare in the coming weeks.


Another European DSi trailer

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Interesting…Quite a few DSiWare titles are shown in this video. I wonder if this confirms they will be available for download.

All New Throwing Method for 2009!
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK Thurs 19th February – The throwing method with the Wii Remote™ in PDC World Championship Darts 2009 is all new, having been re-designed and improved, from the 2008 version. The mechanism has been completely rewritten to give you the most realistic darts throwing experience yet – so you’ll have no excuse if you miss an easy shot!

Oxygen and Rebellion studios have strived to give darts fans a throwing gesture as realistic as possible using the Wii Remote™. PDC Darts 2009 will have 3 throwing assist levels; Max, Min and Off. Max will allow those not experienced at throwing real darts the ability to keep up with the games professional players, Min and Off modes will challenge players with greater experience taking power, dart weight and accuracy into account.

DSi European trailer

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Little King’s Story art

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Mario vs. Spartan 2

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Highly anticipated Nintendo WiiTM role-playing game to debut in Europe on April 24th
February 19th 2009 – Rising Star Games today confirms the release date of April 24th 2009 for the highly anticipated strategy RPG Little King’s Story.

In a move rarely seen for a new Japanese IP, the title will be released in PAL territories first, emphasising the growing importance of the European market.

Little King’s Story is a unique collaboration between the games industry’s most prodigious talents. Boasting a team of legendary designers – whose portfolios include a range of highly-acclaimed and much-loved titles such as Harvest Moon, No More Heroes, Final Fantasy XII and Super Mario PRG – Little King’s Story is a funny, charming and surprisingly deep PRG, designed to appeal to both casual and core gamers alike.

Contrary to Nintendo’s initial statements about the DSi, the handheld will indeed see exclusive games. Not just downloadable content, but titles which gamers will actually be able to pick up in stores.

“In addition to downloadable games, Nintendo DSi is able to play games made specifically for the system and sold at retail. The system can also play most Nintendo DS™ games, and will have access to a library of more than 850 titles originally made for that system.” – Nintendo of America press release