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Ubisoft has offered up another lengthy look at Immortals Fenyx Rising with over an hour of footage. Check out the gameplay below.

Immortals Fenyx Rising arrives for Switch on December 3. Read our hands on impressions here.

A few days ago, Grisaia Phantom Trigger 04 – another entry in the visual novel series – landed on Switch. Find some footage in the video below.

Grisaia Phantom Trigger 04 is available now for Switch via the eShop.

An ad in Japan is leading to speculation that the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be announced soon. It’ll only be up until October 4, and based on previous patterns, Nintendo may have news to share in the very near future.

A similar situation has occurred with 7-11 ads in Japan. With Hero and Banjo & Kazooie for instance, their ads were set to be removed by a certain date, and their DLC release took place just a few days before they were taken down.

Target has revealed a special Double Pack containing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Party. As the name implies, you’re getting two games for the price of one, and at a bit of discount. The bundle costs $99.99 and you’ll even get a $10 gift card.

Target lists the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Super Mario Party Double Pack for release on October 4. Pre-orders are open here.


Capcom has a trio of amiibo planned for Monster Hunter Rise. Fans will be able to pick up figures based on Palamute, Magnamalo and a Palico. Interestingly, it appears that they’ll cost a bit more than usual.

According to GameStop’s internal system, the new amiibo will cost the following:

Below are the latest Nintendo products that can be currently pre-ordered at retailers:


Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes doesn’t appear to be any closer than when the game was first announced in 2016 as Inazuma Eleven Ares. On Twitter, Level-5 president Akihiro Hino said the company is prioritizing the development of Yo-kai Watch Jam – Yo-kai Academy Y: Waiwai Gakuen Seikatsu instead.

Hino’s full words, as translated by Siliconera:

Last month, Dead Cells’ new Barrels o’ Fun update was announced for a summer release on Switch. It seems that there was actually going to be a delay on consoles in order to iron out performance, but the team has reversed course and is now intending to go live next week.

Motion Twin and Evil Empire addressed the situation, providing the following status report:

Following the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise, Arekkz Gaming spoke with EMEA Capcom Community Manager Josh Dahdrai to learn a bit more about the game. Dahdrai reconfirmed some aspects that were pretty much already known, but also commented on other aspects like post-launch support, frame rate, and why it’s not a numbered title.

Here’s the full roundup:

A pair of Devolver Digital Switch games have been confirmed for physical release. The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse and Crossing Souls are both getting the boxed treatment. Each package contains the Switch cartridge, sequentially numbered game packaging, reversible cover art, instruction booklet, and mystery box.

Pre-orders for both games open on September 29 through Special Reserve Games. You’ll also be able to reserve copies through Limited Run Games, which come with different boxart.