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Even without Nintendo’s presence at Leipzig this year, the event in general has been extremely successful. The first day of the convention saw 38,000 attendees, compared to the 35,000 gamers that came to the event last year. In all, 547 companies have plans to somehow take part in this year’s Leipzig as well.


“I would say the message is we were disappointed with our performance at E3. There were titles like Wario which we think will be really fun titles that we should have show cased. We were excited that Mr. Miyamoto made the commitment that Pikmin is coming. It would have been nice if we could have said that on stage. But, we think it was a good recognition for us that we care for our core fans, and not just the new people who are now discovering Nintendo.” – Cammie Dunaway

As great as it is of Nintendo to recognize their faults, this probably isn’t going to change anything for the people who are already upset with Nintendo. However, perhaps this is a sign that Nintendo will change their ways next year. E3 may not be a place for the hardcore anymore, although it is possible that at next year’s E3, there might be slightly more focus on the hardcore. Also, don’t forget about the mini-events Nintendo hosts following their E3 showing.


“There’s no ‘percentage chance’ that I could give you [Viewtiful Joe this generation] that would at all be accurate. If it strikes someone of influence (a producer of note, Inafune, Takeuchi, perhaps even me) that it’s something that has potential (both gameplay and sales) then it could happen. If not, it won’t. I can’t predict who might or might not see that potential.” – Christian Svensson, Capcom’s Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

The first Viewtiful Joe game was produced by the folks at Capcom, but the other titles in the series were created by Clover Studios (which has partially become Platinum Games.) Atsushi Inaba oversaw the development of all the Viewtiful Joe titles and is currently working for Platinum Games, so I suppose someone else would need to take the helm of development in the future.

“We still have a [censored] ace up our sleeve. It’s an ace, a [censored] ace… At TGS (Tokyo Game Show), the Capcom booth stage is going to make people’s balls pucker up. It’s going to be big.” – Ben Judd, Capcom

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Nintendo related, but after the news that Bionic Commando Rearmed won’t be seeing a Wii release (for the foreseeable future, in any case), I’m hoping that the Wii will end up with some sort of Bionic Commando title.


Speaking on his blog in an extended post, video game designer David Jaffe vociferously claimed that Shigeru Miyamoto – and even Will Wright – is not as well-known as Steven Spielberg because there is no mention of him on box art, for the games he creates. “…Plus, granted Miyamoto and Wright are not as big of names as Spielberg. BUT THAT IS BECAUSE MIYAMOTO AND WRIGHT DON’T HAVE NAMES ABOVE PRODUCTS and they don’t have ability to negotiate for the sort of press treatment and PR perks that movie folks get (which, in turn, turns them into brand names).

There does seem to be some sense as to the prospects Jaffe discusses. I believe Boom Blox had Spielburg’s name on the front of the box, which may prompt some to buy his game. Now, if Miyamoto began to leave his name all over his games, would they eventually sell better, too? After someone notices that Miyamoto had a hand in…Let’s say, a Metroid game…Wouldn’t he/she be more interested in picking it up after knowing the creator Mario had a big hand in the production of the game?


So, you think you’re nuts over Zelda? Check out the product description for the latest Zelda book:

With both young and adult gamers as loyal fans, The Legend of Zelda is one of the most beloved video game series ever created. The contributors to this volume consider the following questions and more: What is the nature of the gamer’s connection to Link? Does Link have a will, or do gamers project their wills onto him? How does the gamer experience the game? Do the rules of logic apply in the game world? How is space created and distributed in Hyrule (the fictional land in which the game takes place)? How does time function? Is Zelda art? Can Hyrule be seen as an ideal society? Can the game be enjoyable without winning? The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy not only appeals to Zelda fans and philosophers but also puts video games on the philosophical map as a serious area of study.”

The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy is scheduled for a November 28th release. Generally speaking, I conserve my video game money to buy…video games, rather than merchandise. However, I don’t think I can pass on this book, mainly because I’m a huge Zelda fan.


“For Capcom, we’re pleased with the coverage we’ve received though I think we fared better than some of our competitors. That said, E3 now has become more of a first party battleground than it is a third party event and in that regard I think it still has significant value. Most third parties hold our own events where we made most of our major announcements in a more focused environment.” – Christian Svensson

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all have a huge presence at E3, but I don’t think that means it’s a place for third-parties to disregard the event. Then again, E3 might might evaporate in the near future, since the media’s reaction to the event in general was not too encouraging.


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