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“We appreciate the vote of confidence and as Inafune-san has indicated recently in his 1Up interview, we are thinking about it but there is no project of this sort in development at this time.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

“I can’t comment on any potential roadblocks, but I think Strider has enough juice to merit a next-gen sequel. Here’s a question for you guys though: Could a Strider in 3D recapture that same magic? Would it have to invent new magic? I’d love to see the giant mechanical Ape, or the politburo that turns into a giant robotic centipede w/sickle in 3d, but a lot of the best mechanics of the fights were very 2d-centric. I can already think of cool ways you could recreate that in 3d, but what do you think as Strider fans?” – Seth Killian, Capcom Sr. Manager, Community

I think Strider could work in 3D regardless of the platform that the title ended up being released on. Then again, it could look great as a 2D game as well!

CyberConnect2, a development team known for working predominately on .hack and Naruto games, will reveal a new game in the coming days. A countdown on the company’s official website indicates that the game will be announced in six days. Although there’s no confirmation of the platform the game will be released on, some speculate that the game will end up being the DS title which was hyped up a long time ago but never unveiled. CyberConnect2 has mainly worked on Sony platforms in the past, but any system for eventual release is still up in the air.

Update 2 A possible theory has been constructed about what the three main modes could be.

Game — Play through the game normally. Hint system is available but not forced. So hardcore gamers could just play the game regularly and enjoy the challenge while more casual gamers can get hints if they get really stuck

Digest — The game goes through important scenes (both movie and gameplay) in order. Essentially the game plays itself in this mode if you will. But you have the option of stopping the digest at any time and playing from that exact point. Plus when you choose to take control you are given the appropriate equipment and stats for that part of the game. No saving though, but it seems to be unneeded

Scenes — essentially playthrough any puzzle or scene again. Like digest you are given the appropriate equipment and such.

If it works this way, both casual and hardcore gamers will see benefits. The game won’t exactly be bogged down by easiness, but casual gamers find it easier to complete it.

Update: Head past the break for a ton of descriptions that may fill in some of the blanks of the patent images.

A patent was discovered today that was apparently filed away with Shigeru Miyamoto as the inventor. There has been no confirmation that this patent is anything new, and if not, there’s no clear indication about how old it is (nor is it confirmed that this will appear in any game at all). A few people have been doing a bit of investigating though. Interestingly, the details may be related to Zelda and might show that the series will take a more casual approach.

In one image, a picture of what we assume the television screen is. In the image, a hint button can be seen. So was Nintendo considering a hint system for a Zelda title? Or, are they willing to incorporate hints into the next Zelda?

There are a few other tidbits as well. In another one of the patent images, based on the information provided, it looks as though Nintendo had ideas about skipping ahead through the game granted the adventure became too difficult. This, coupled with the detail about, could possibly show how/if Nintendo plans to make the Zelda series more casual – Remember, Miyamoto stated that he the Zelda series needs to be accessible for casual gamers. However, keep in mind that, again, this could all amount to nothing. This news may be something new, or it might not.

Lastly, read the patent information below which originally led to this entire story:

Computer-readable storage medium having game program stored therein, and game apparatus

User saved-data storage means S19 stores user saved-data which is generated as a result of a game play performed by a user. Digest saved-data storage means S48 stores a plurality of pieces of digest saved-data which are previously generated so as to be associated with predetermined scenes, respectively, in a game. Game start means S14 starts the game process without using the user saved-data and the plurality of pieces of digest saved-data. Game resuming means S12, S13 starts the game process by using the user saved-data. Digest game start means S4 starts the game process by using any of the plurality of pieces of digest saved-data. Saving means S19 generates the user saved-data, only in the game process started by the game start means or the game resuming means.

Ubisoft has yet to release screenshots for the Wii and DS versions.

Reggie Fils-Aime must be on a high right now. Things couldn’t be any better at Nintendo and the man is still kicking ass and taking names while working as the President of Nintendo of America. Reggie certainly has a huge influence on the company, so one might be wondering what type of gamer he is. Well, he says he’s not a hardcore or casual gamer.

“The labeling of “core” and “casual” implies one is better than the other and just builds more divisions between people. I’m a game player. We’re all game players. If I had to classify myself into a category, I’d say I’m a competitive game player. I’m going to do my best to knock your kart off the track in Mario Kart DS, crush you at tennis in Wii Sports, head more soccer balls than you in Wii Fit, pay off my mortgage before you do in Animal Crossing: City Folk and out-strategize you in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.”

Reggie also commented on a few other interesting issues, specifically if Nintendo listens to its fans and if the company is interested in creating new IPs:

“We listen to our fans all the time. Nintendo fans are some of the most passionate in the world, and believe me, they make their opinions heard. We’re not claiming our way of doing things is better or worse than anyone else – it’s just different. We’re on record for each of the items you cite, so I won’t rehash all that here. But I will say that we listen very closely to what people have to say, both pro and con, and keep those feelings in mind as we plan ahead. For example, as you know, we recently launched Club Nintendo here in North America to reward our fans for their loyalty. I know everyone here always envied Japan and Europe fans for the cool Nintendo items they had, and now we’re getting some of our own.

We’re always developing new games and experiences and part of that includes looking at whether it makes sense to create new franchises and new characters. Some gamers want completely new games, while others want another Mario or Zelda game the minute they finish playing the one that just came out. Striking that balance keeps us all very busy! Nintendo makes games for everyone, so you’ll find everything from E-rated to M-rated titles.”

A 6-year-old boy from Virginia somehow managed to get the keys to his family’s car and take a drive to his school on Monday (and put his experience of driving in video games to the test).

The boy, whose name has yet to be released, missed his bus but was still intent on arriving to school somehow. With knowledge of driving from Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam in mind, the boy drove a 2005 Ford Taurus about six miles towards his school and completed a few 90-degree turns before crashing.

Miraculously, the boy suffered just minor injuries. The poor kid, who seemed almost hellbent on completing his mission, began walking to school after he exited the car. County Sheriff Chuck Wilkins said, “When he got out of the car, he started walking to school. He did not want to miss breakfast and PE.” After crashing, the boy told police that his “driving experience” came from playtime of Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam video games. Isn’t it a bit strange that the boy’s parents allowed their 6-year-old to play an M-rated game?

Although he missed breakfast and perhaps PE as well, the boy was able to return to school after he was checked at a local hospital for injuries.

The story isn’t so bright for the boy’s parents. His mother and father were charged with child endangerment. The mother was asleep when the boy grabbed the keys and drove off on his adventure. As of now, the boy and his 4-year-old brother have been placed in protective custody.

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“2009 will also see Resident Evil 5 finally released, and it’ll also then see us on to our next step. We haven’t shown what Capcom has in store for 2009 yet, so I hope we can surprise you all soon.” – Jun Takeuchi, producer of Resident Evil 5

Capcom’s Christian Svensson stated not too long ago that the company has some tricks up their sleeves for 2009…And then Monster Hunter G was revealed. I’m not entirely sure if Takeuchi is referring to the Wii when he mentions that he hopes Capcom can surprise us, but it is possible.


Wii Games

Animal Crossing: City Folk
Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
Endless Ocean
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Link’s Crossbow Training
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Party 8
Mario Strikers Charged
Mario Super Sluggers
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Paper Mario
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Wario Land: Shake It!
WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Wii Fit
Wii Music
Wii Play


11 year-old Judson King, after becoming a Sonic the Hedgehog follower, decided that he desired his own hedgehog. Unfortunately for him, there was just one problem: Lawrence law in Kansas made owning such animals illegal in the area.

King’s mother didn’t really mind that her son wouldn’t be able to purchase one. After all, she wasn’t too thrilled about her son having a hedgehog as a pet in the first place. She said, “I thought, that’s my out. Now I don’t have to get him one. Then he said, ‘How do we make them legal?'”

From that point on, both King and his mother worked their tails off. The two spent three years conducting research and gathering pictures in order to fight the Lawrence law. Thankfully for King, commissioners finally agreed to let Judson speak at the city hall after a few months. The commissioners were unable to find a reason why such a law was in place and overturned the law.

King received his very own hedgehog for Christmas this year. Though, the fact that the commissioners couldn’t find a good reason why owning hedgehogs should be illegal makes one wonder why hedgehog ownership was against the law originally, doesn’t it? At least it can be said that, thanks to Sonic and King, anyone can now have their own hedgehog in Lawrence.

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TT Games recently finished work on their latest LEGO title, LEGO Batman. A LEGO Harry Potter video game has been rumored to be in development for a couple of months, though you may be surprised to hear what may be on the way instead. That’s right, Rock Band in LEGO form. A source told VG247 that Traveller’s Tales is busy at work on a Rock Band LEGO title for EA. Although the source states that the information is “100 percent correct,” it wouldn’t necessarily be wise to buy into this rumor immediately.

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