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– First time Grasshopper is doing a sequel
– Wanted to make another game with Travis
– This time Travis is fighting for revenge
– He’s going to get really serious about fighting as opposed to the first title
– The team that worked on No More Heroes 1 is also working on the second game (same character designer, mecha designer)
– When they made No More Heroes 1, they felt they had one of the best teams for a Wii title so they wanted to make another game with the team

Monster Hunter 3
TGS 08: Gullet Slashing Gameplay (Cam)

New AI, more control and modes galore as PES 2009 warms up for Wii

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has revealed key gameplay additions to its forthcoming PES 2009 title for Wii. Scheduled for release in Spring 2009, the new game will retain the intuitive ‘point and click’ interface used to control both the player in possession of the ball and to send those around him on to runs into space. However, a new ‘traditional’ control system using either a Wii Remote or Classic controller has also been implemented.

Producer Akiyoshi ‘Greyhound’ Chosogabe detailed his plans for the new game at a special event in Rome:

A New Level of Control: Players will once again point and drag team mates into space to make runs, but Greyhound and his team has worked to improve the movement and level of control available to the player.

“We’re definitely looking at all of the games. Whenever Japan makes an announcement and talks about games or brings games out to market already, we look at it and say, ‘Will it work in this territory?’ And if we think the gamers here will embrace it and will want to play it, we’ll definitely make a move in that direction.” – Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Nintendo of America

Fair enough, Nintendo. Shouldn’t this mean, however, that a release date for Disaster: Day of Crisis should have been announced already? And I have to ask…Where is Soma Bringer and Professor Layton 2?

At Nintendo’s fall conference last week, the long-awaited Punch-Out!! title for Wii was revealed. There was some confusion over whether or not the game would support motion controls fully because Nintendo had not truly confirmed the information. However, any doubts that the newest Punch-Out title will not support full motion-controls can finally be put to rest with the newest details coming from Charlie Scibetta, Nintendo of America’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications.

“Well, I’m excited about Punch-Out!!, too. I grew up on that game and it’s been a lot of fun playing against Glass Joe and King Hippo and those two characters are going to be in the new version. It will be interesting to see too how gamers react; I think they’re going to react great to the motion control capabilities of the Wii with that game because you’re used to hitting buttons and doing your blocks and your throws and kind of dodging out of the way, but now you can do all that with your own body. So it’s going to feel you’re right there as a boxer.”

Santa Monica, CA – October 9, 2008 – Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced today that it will release Big League Sports for Wii™ this holiday season. Developed by Koolhaus Games exclusively for Wii™, the game offers instant access to the most action-packed moments in sports. The result is a title with a singular focus on putting players in the most thrilling situations while competing in their favorite sports.

“Big League Sports evolves the family friendly ‘pick up and play’ sports gaming experience on Wii™,” said Dave Oxford, Activision Publishing. “Featuring some of the world’s most popular sports in one title, ‘game night’ will take on a whole new tone as up to four players swing, kick, dunk, charge and skate their way to victory.”

Six sports are represented for a combined total of 22 events, each using instinctive controls that mimic real athletic movement with the Wii Remote™. Each sport – tennis, basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse and hockey – has its own kind of “hit the shot at the buzzer” kind of heart-pounding action, and this is exactly what Big League Sports captures.

Deadly Creatures trailer

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