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Sakamoto on how Other M started…

“I should probably start by saying that I’ve come this far by mostly making 2D Metroids – I hadn’t had any real experience making a 3D action game like we’re trying to do this time. I quickly realised that to accomplish that, we’d need the expertise of a partner.

When I started thinking about who could handle the kind of control scheme we wanted with Metroid: Other M, I immediately thought about Team Ninja and their work on Ninja Gaiden. When I played Ninja Gaiden, it actually changed my thinking in terms of 3D action games and how complex they would have to be. It seemed they were an obvious partner from that perspective.

And when you say that Team Ninja and Metroid isn’t an obvious pairing, I think that’s kind of fun. You might assume Nintendo and Team Ninja are very different based on image alone, but once we started to discuss the project, I realised that we had very similar shared goals and very similar ideas about how to achieve them.”

– No MotionPlus, doesn’t fit in with the gameplay
– Red Fly Studios chosen due to business decisions (time frame/dev cycle more flexible, Krome was busy)
– Bigger support from LucasArts
– No 3DS version, but Star Wars will end up on the platform in the future
– Wii game has the same content as the HD versions
– Exclusive 4-player fighting mode for Wii
– Unconfirmed: MotionPlus Star Wars project in the works


KH Re:Coded

– Developed so that more fans can play the game
– DS was chosen since many consumers have purchased it
– Also developed knowing that an analog stick wasn’t needed
– Same story as Coded
– Major changes aside from event scenes
– Targeted more towards casual gamers, but a difficulty setting will be available
– Design concept is a mix of Coded/358/2 Days/Birth by Sleep
– Birth by Sleep co-director overseeing the battle planning, same team working on map design
– Level-up system will be an expansion of the ideas from 358/2 Days
– Some multiplayer elements
– Unlock avatars that include characters from Birth by Sleep, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII
– Secret movie will be included
– 80% complete

Kingdom Hearts 3D

– Completely new game
– Next stage of the franchise following Coded/358/2 Days/Birth by Sleep
– Play as Sora and Riku
– New worlds to visit
– A number of hints in Re:coded relating to 3D
– More info/announcement at E3 2011



– Nintendo had a really awesome showing
– Peer thinks a bunch of people were disappointed with the Zelda showing
– Peer, Craig think Nintendo had the best conference at E3
– Nintendo skipped the Vitality Sensor entirely
– Miyamoto confirmed to IGN that Pikmin 3 is for Wii

“We look at what we do well. We look at what we don’t do so well. The things we don’t do so well we commit ourselves to fixing and making improvements. I would put our digital business in that second category. We are looking hard at our digital business and saying, ‘You know what? We can do better.’ And we will do better. It will not look like what our competitors are doing. But we will have more content, have it be more easily discoverable. We will make it engaging and a much bigger piece of our overall business.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

“It is certainly something we’re looking at. Our current approach is a device-based approach. The content is tied to a particular device. Until we move to a different type of an approach like an account based approach you’re not going to be able to transfer the content. We are looking at how best to bring that to life. The step function change we want to see is going to need to be on a new device, like the 3DS.” – Reggie Fils-Aime

A single account for online content is basically what fans have been clamoring for. That would make things much easier and the possibility of transferring downloads between systems could become a simple process.


Reggie on competing technologies…

“You know, candidly, my personal reaction to what our competitors are doing is meaningless. In the end, the consumer is going to vote with their time, and the consumer is going to vote with their wallets and pocketbooks as to which products and experiences are the most compelling. From that standpoint we’re confident that the consumer will continue to choose Nintendo not only from a home console standpoint but also from a handheld standpoint. In terms of what’s providing the most compelling experiences, the best value in terms of what you get for what you pay, and certainly the multiple lines around our booth would seem to suggest that that should be true.”

Reggie on any interest in 3D console gaming…

“You know, the reason we focused on 3D in a handheld is because, first, we could control the experience, meaning the screen is part of the device. We provide a way for the consumer to individually tune into that experience with the depth slider on the side. And for us that’s the best way to bring a 3D experience to the consumer today. In the future, when there are set standards for 3D television sets, when the prices for those sets come down to reasonable levels, certainly there may be a 3D experience in the home, but then the last hurdle will always be the glasses. And you know $125, $150 a pop, which is what they’re running today, for a family of four on top of everything else, that’s a huge commitment. So, there are a lot of open questions in our view as to whether 3D in the home is going to be the same type of “wow” that 3D in the hand is.”

“It’s quite recent, in general. As we explained, it’s very important to us that we have their support and all the Nintendo teams have been dedicated to our partners and spend the time with them. What is important is the surprise effect that the 3D can give on the screen, it was one of the best tools to convince publishers to work as soon as possible with the hardware. They wanted to get hold of it immediately.” – European managing director of marketing and PR Laurent Fisher

It seems like a lot of third-parties were able to accomplish an awful lot in a short time span. I just hope that a number of announced titles will be finished for the 3DS’ launch.


“Technologically speaking, a variety of different things are possible with the 3DS, for example, 3-D video chat.” – Satoru Iwata

“We have just introduced the new ‘Legend of Zelda’ to be launched in 2011, which shows that we are not in a hurry to launch the next generation of home console.” – Satoru Iwata

The source of this information also mentioned that Iwata hinted that a 3DS launch date and price might be coming soon. Additionally, Nintendo may have additional features that will be announced in the near future.