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List of 3DS games

Posted on 10 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News | 5 Comments

– Tons of third-party games in development
– Nintendogs + Cats
– Level-5, Square Enix on board
– Kingdom Hearts
– Resident Evil
– Metal Gear Solid
– DJ Hero
– Professor Layton
– Saints Row
– Street Fighter IV
– Assassin’s Creed
– Splinter Cell

As expected, Nintendo has shared the news about its first game for the 3DS. It is being by Project Sora. Well-known developer Masahiro Sakurai is in charge of the project. The final name is called Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Following an initial, albeit vague announcement in late March, Nintendo is finally pulling back the curtain on the successor to the DS.

– Widescreen
– Bottom screen is touch screen
– Searches for Wi-Fi/3DS systems even when sleeping
– Can carry out Wi-Fi functions
– No monthly fee