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“[Nintendo may] steal the show with its upcoming new handheld (scheduled for release by March 2011), the 3DS.” – Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter

“The only price cut that we expect is for Nintendo’s DS in the U.S. (following recent price cuts in the UK and Japan). Nintendo is unlikely to drop the price of the Wii below $199 as it recently introduced a new bundle that includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and the Wii Motion Plus. Similarly, Sony is unlikely to announce a PS3 price cut, as we believe a price reduction below $299 may lead to a loss on each unit sold. Microsoft is not expected to drop the price of the Xbox 360 below $299 either; instead, we expect the company to bundle the Natal motion controller with a redesigned (slim and black) console.” – Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter

The 3DS is definitely one of the biggest mysteries of E3. Even though we know it exists and that it can play games in 3D without glasses, a flood of details are expected to be unveiled next week. If the system turns out to be innovative like past Nintendo handhelds and a few noteworthy titles are shown, gaming fans will probably look back fondly at this year’s conference.

“Several developers that have experienced 3DS in its current form have reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. According to several developer sources, the 3DS device is not using the NVIDIA Tegra mobile chipset, a rumor that’s been floating around since 2009.”

I’m having a hard time believing this one. Looking back at previous portables, they’ve never really surpassed their console “counterparts” in terms of processing power. I think we’d be lucky if the 3DS’ power matched the GameCube, though I’d be very glad if it was more powerful than that! We’ll have to see which specs Nintendo reveals at E3.


This information comes SEGA’s Naoya Tsurumi, who was featured on Nikkei…

– Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games was SEGA’s biggest IP last year
– SEGA hoped to sell 7 million copies of Mario and Sonic (currently at 6.53 million worldwide)
– Mario and Sonic sales lower than expected in North America
– Most of SEGA’s games didn’t meet expectations in North America, Tsurumi thinks this is because consumers purchased titles from other companies instead
– Regarding 3D gaming, 3DS: “I believe 3D will become a big wave. The Nintendo 3DS is a landmark hardware. We’d like to invest heavily in it.”
– SEGA interested in supporting 3D on consoles, but its success will depend on 3D televisions
– SEGA releasing 12-15 games this year
– Tsurumi wouldn’t say if there will be a Mario and Sonic title for the London Olympics
– SEGA will support downloadable games (VC-like titles and new games)
– On package and download sales: “Just so there’s no mistake, our core is in package games. This is an area that’s packed with high-end technology and knowhow. We cannot lose that strength. I don’t believe we can do away with that and focus on titles with simple technology.”


Sounds to me like this will end up hitting the 3DS at some point. I’m pretty sure that’s the only portable system Nintendo has in the pipeline!

PRESS RELEASE: Nnooo announce the development of Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow™ and Spirit Hunters Inc: Light™ for Nintendo DSiWare™ and future Nintendo portable devices.
Spirit Hunters Inc: Shadow and Spirit Hunters Inc: Light are augmented reality games in which the player works for Spirit Hunters Inc, a mysterious company which specialises in the detection, capture and trade of ghostly spirits.

“Spirit Hunters Inc. is essentially a Role Playing Game set in the real world.”, said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo. “Players use the camera built into their devices to hunt out and battle spirits anywhere in the world. Whether it at the supermarket, shopping mall, home or even on holiday. Spirits are hiding all around us!”

“The concept is very interesting. I’ve always been sceptical about 3D TV and cinema technologies that require you to wear glasses. The great thing about 3DS as I understand it is that it uses lenticular technology I first saw at Cambridge University in the early 1990s which doesn’t need glasses or anything special. The screen is designed to send a slightly different image to each eye using microscopic triangular lenses on top of each pair of pixels. The gamplay software renders each screen from a slightly different viewpoint so it looks 3D. Obviously the new machine is something that Frontier will look at seriously from the point of view of supporting it.” – Frontier’s David Braben

There are many, many companies who seem intrigued with the 3DS. With so many developers interested in the system, we should see some really unique content over the system’s lifespan.


“I do have many ideas. I would love to try to develop a game for 3DS if I have a chance. I hope for the realisation of a training remote like Luke Skywalker used for force training in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.” – Suda51

There’s no question that many fans would love to see Suda51 develop a game for the 3DS one day – myself included. Perhaps once he’s finished creating his new game with Shinji Mikami, he can think about making a 3DS title.


This information comes from Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada…

“I’d be happy if it would revitalize the market. However, while it will likely become a big topic, I don’t believe it will form a market. Whether naked eye or with glasses, the method is unstable.”

Even though Wada isn’t convinced about the potential of 3D gaming right now, it seems very likely that Square Enix will eventually support the 3DS. The company has had much success with a number of games created for the DS – especially the Dragon Quest series – so it seems only natural that they would move on to Nintendo’s next handheld.


Hmm…This is starting to sound fishy. By no means does this news confirm Nintendo will keep the 3DS name for their next handheld, but with the trademarks we posted last night, it looks more likely. At least we’ll know for sure in less than a month!

Thanks to Guillaume for the tip!


These are the latest round of Japanese Nintendo trademarks…

??2010-021055 ????????
??2010-021086 ????????????
??2010-021087 ??????????
??2010-021088 ???????
??2010-021089 ????????
??2010-021090 ????????
??2010-021091 ?????????
??2010-021092 ???????
??2010-021093 ???????
??2010-021709 ???????
??2010-021710 ????????????
??2010-021711 ????????? (Nintendo 3DS)
??2010-021712 ???????
??2010-021713 ???????????????? (Nintendo 3DSWare)
??2010-023066 ????
??2010-024659 ?????????? (Pokemon Card Game)
??2010-024660 ???????????? (Trainers Web Site)
??2010-024661 ?????? (Trainers)


The image above comes from an FCC listing filed by Nintendo and Mitsumi last month, but it’s receiving a lot of attention today. Why, you ask? Well, some people are getting the idea that the picture is of a 3DS testbed system and indicates that the portable might feature a widescreen on top. Additionally, the FCC filing contains a request from Nintendo that the system’s contents be kept private for 180 days. However, it should end right before the big Christmas shopping season. Might the 3DS go on sale around that time? Hopefully we’ll find out next month!