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Mighty No. 9 – Mighty No. 8 stage info

Posted on January 30, 2015 by (@gamrah) in 3DS, News, Screenshots, Wii U

Mighty No. 9’s latest update is in relation to Mighty No. 8’s stage and talks a little bit about the troubles Beck will face traversing through what’s on offer. Comcept also shared several new images from the game. You’ll find all of the new content below.


This time around we’re showing off the Capitol Building! This stage certainly stands out for its unique ambience compared to the other stages we’ve shown so far. More than a few of you said as much after seeing a snippet of gameplay in Keiji Inafune’s New Year’s message.

This immaculate estate is dotted with luxurious adornments, such as the fountain you see here. Here Beck forgets his grueling battle for a moment and runs through the halls, taking in all the sights. If he’s not careful, security’s gonna tell him off for sure…

No. 8 “Get lost, punk.”

See, what’d I tell you, Beck!? Uh, but isn’t that a little overkill…?

Alright, all jokes aside take an inside look at the stage of Mighty No. 8.

The Mighty Number with modern tech second only to Beck’s, No. 8. Rumor has it he’s the strongest member of the Mighty Numbers!

Some of you might have figured this out already, but each of the Mighty Numbers is endowed with two main abilities. Not just “fire”, but “explosions”; not just “water”, but “ice”. You may think of his sniping prowess as one of No. 8’s abilities, but the truth is a little different. The two abilities given to No. 8 were actually “optical camouflage” and “radar detection”.

The sniping ability everyone knows him for is actually a third ability, born from pushing his inborn abilities to their limits! He’s a big help to have on your side, but heaven help you if you end up on the other side of that barrel.

He specializes in fighting the enemy from a distance. From the outset, he’ll be aiming for you wherever you go! He’s hiding somewhere, though, so first thing you’ve gotta do is turn the tables on him and hunt down the hunter.

On the other hand, Beck has absolutely nowhere to hide. The stage is peppered with search cameras that act as No. 8’s third eye, letting him know Beck’s whereabouts at all times and unleash volleys at our hero.. in other words, this whole STAGE is like one big boss room!

Dodge No. 8’s attacks, make your way past the malfunctioning security system, and finally get some face time with the stoic gunman himself!

How will No. 8 handle close-quarters combat? And–wait, is that a FOURTH ability up his sleeve!?

We want you to try out the rest for yourselves, so we’ll leave it at that.

To finish things off, we have a few images of No. 8 trying his best to hide from Beck. But that radar hat of his sticks out like a sore thumb, making it almost impossible… you kind of feel bad for the guy. These aren’t the only places you’ll find him, either. Look forward to, well, looking for him!

We may be closer than ever to the end of development, but there’s still plenty of more to see! Let us know your thoughts on this update and the new stage in the comments, on the Mighty forums, and on our official Facebook and twitter!


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