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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #9 – 2018 Review: Ninten-Do or Don’t?

Posted on December 30, 2018 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

What up, kids and squids?!

This week on NEP, Oni and Galen discuss Nintendo’s 2018 efforts—the good AND the bad: all the games, free DLC, ports from Wii U, Nintendo Switch Online and more.
The gang also reminisces on some of their favorite games they’ve played this year, and end the show by explaining what kind of sandwich best represents NEP! Per usual, Galen is optimistic and Oni is pessimistic.

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  • 00:32 – Inkling Greetings and going right into the Adventure Log!
  • 06:33 – Oni’s pick: Into The Breach
  • 11:43 – Galen: Wizard of Legend
  • 17:20 – Oni: The Messenger
  • 20:37 – Galen: Monster Hunter World
  • 29:52 – Oni: Octopath Traveler
  • 41:37 – Galen: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 49:31 – Smash online and Nintendo Switch Online complaints
  • 54:55 – Reviewing Nintendo’s 2018. Let’s talk about Wii U ports
  • 1:08:18 – Pokémon: Let’s Go! and the emotional rollercoaster from fans
  • 1:12:51 – Good and bad: free DLC, strategies and being behind the ball
  • 1:19:52 – Oni & Galen’s “Additional DLC”
  • 1:23:25 – Listener Mail: What sandwich best represents NEP?
  • 1:27:05 – Next week’s episode, regular schedule and what’s coming up

Additional DLC:

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A HUGE thank you to Headphones of Listening for NEP’s intro music!
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This week’s background music is the OST for the indie game Oxenfree, by the artist scntfc.

And our outro music this week is the main theme of Octopath Traveler by Yasunori Nishiki.

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