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The Messenger

The Messenger launch trailer

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To celebrate today’s release, a new launch trailer has gone live for The Messenger. Have a look at the video below.

The Messenger has taken some clear inspiration from Ninja Gaiden. It only makes sense then to have some of the game’s creators try out Sabotage and Devolver Digital’s new title.

That’s exactly what you can see in the video below. Ninja Gaiden director / producer Hideo Yoshizawa, along with composer Keiji Yamagishi, play The Messenger while sharing their thoughts and commenting on a few other subjects.

Various outlets are starting to get their hands on the final version of The Messenger, which launches at the end of this month. Watch over an hour of footage below.

As we reported yesterday, The Messenger launches on August 30. We have a new trailer promoting the release date below.

The Messenger has garnered quite a bit of interest since it was shown during the last Nindies Showcase in March. Now thanks to a listing on the North American eShop, we have a release date. Devolver Digital will publish Sabotage’s new game later this month.

Here’s a trailer and an overview for those who missed out on previous coverage:

Devolver Digital published an extended gameplay video for The Messenger. Get a look at 12 minutes of footage below.

Tons of The Messenger footage

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Devolver Digital held a live stream this week where a whole lot of footage was shown from The Messenger. Take a look at the recording showcasing the Ninja Gaiden-inspired title below.

Announced during the Nindies Showcase Spring 2018, The Messenger is a 2D action game influenced by classic Ninja Gaiden titles coming to the Switch. In an interview with GamesBeat, Martin Brouard–cofounder of the game’s developer, Sabotage–shares how the team is advancing the game beyond its surface level Ninja Gaiden inspirations: