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LIT trailer

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Deadly Creatures screenshots

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“Japanese game companies are notorious for not ‘getting it’. They are thought of as slow moving, orthodox, and out of touch. One of the places where Japanese companies seem to not ‘get it’ is community. Sure, you may have an American branch leading a great community effort, but it is very rare for a Japanese company to reach out in a meaningful way to its Western users. is our attempt at getting it right. It isn’t simply a translation of our Japanese webpage.” – Note on

You really have to love PlatinumGames. Not only are they completely devoted developers, but they really care about their fans, including Westerners.

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In a recent interview, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed that DJ Hero does exist. The game had been rumored to be in development from a few sources, but nothing was confirmed by Activision up to this point. Unfortunately, Kotick did not discuss platform details. However, that information should be known in the near future.

“We have the product called DJ Hero that’s coming out later this year which is a turntable that you can actually play competitively and spin discs and mix songs.”


Don King Boxing trailer

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“What we are looking at are the cumulative Wii and DS sales through the end of 2008. Wii has been selling at industry’s record pace so far, and with new customers acquired by the gaming population expansion efforts, it is not impossible for Wii’s total sales to exceed the final install base of PS2. Wii still has much more room for expansion. We can expect more sales of software in the next fiscal year than in the current year. With what kind of software is Nintendo going to achieve this goal? Well, it will be shown at E3 to be held in the U.S. this June.”

Okay, so who wants to start guessing what software will be present at this year’s E3? I’m not entirely sure myself, but at least we know Nintendo will probably have a more exciting show this year than they did last year.


Light up Your World and Download the Demo of the Upcoming Nintendo DSTM Title from SouthPeak Games

Friday, January 30th – SouthPeak Games is pleased to announce that a demo of Arkedo Studio’s Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS™ is now available as a free download via the Nintendo Channel on Wii™. The explosive demo gives players a first taste of the unique shoot-‘em-up before it launches in Europe.

The demo of Big Bang Mini includes a selection of levels from three of the game’s worlds, including Hong Kong, Aurora and Luxor. These are just a handful of the full version’s nine uniquely themed locations, which see players travelling all over the globe blasting waves of enemies using spectacular firework displays. Featuring 90 challenging levels of play, tough boss battles and seven different modes, Big Bang Mini is the perfect game for Nintendo DS owners looking for their next action fix.

Dragon Quest V trailer

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