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WiiWare has gone live in Europe, and has launched with the following games.

Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
Final Fantasy: My Life As A King
Star Soldier R
Toki Tori
TV Show King

A demo version of Dr. Mario launched with WiiWare, although it can only be experienced with someone who has purchased the full version. Titles that were mentioned in the previous European press release, Pop and Pirates, are assumed to be launching in the near future.

Wii Fit launch coverage

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Namco Bandai Games America, Inc.; Natsume, Inc.; Nintendo of America Inc.; Novint Technologies, Inc.; Nyko Technologies; Rebellion; SEGA of America, Inc.; Serious Games Initiative; Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.; Sony Online Entertainment Inc.; Southpeak Interactive; Square Enix USA; Take-Two Interactive; Tecmo; THQ Inc.; Toshiba America Information Systems; Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.; Valve Software; and, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment Inc.


Those who have been wishing for a more traditional controller method in Toki Tori will be pleased to know that in addition to the nunchuck + Wiimote set up, players will be able to control the action on-screen with the classic controller as well. In an interview with WiiWare World, Martijn Reuvers divulged this information and also detailed a few other notable prospects for the WiiWare remake. Not only will a second player will be able to join in and draw hints on the screen, but players will occasionally receive travel logs on their Wii message boards, too. Toki Tori is due out on the 30th in Europe.



The next awaited addition to the Wii’s casual library will be none other than Wii Music. We haven’t heard a ton of information about the game, except for bits and pieces here and there. Though, one pretty big feature that may end up in Wii Music might be the inclusion of the balance board functionality. According to RevoGamer, Wii Music will use the balance board to simulate a drum pedal. Those who were interested in double Wiimote usage for the drums needn’t be worried, however, as that controller configuration will be available as well. RevoGamer also noted that a 2008 release for the game seems to be realistic.

Further information about Wii Music is likely to be discussed at this year’s E3.



– Three modes: Story mode, skirmish mode multiplayer mode

– Story Mode: Take control of navy captain he is incognito trying to obtain the “The Key of Dreams”. Run after Blackbeard to get the artifact from him

– Ability to recruit lookouts, navigators and gunners

– Weapons include sea mines, rockets, flame cannons, and cannons

– Skirmish mode: 35 small stages, can fight up to 3 opponents

– Multiplayer mode: 2-4 players, number of ships can be chosen


VC titles

NES game
Sky Kid
1-2 players
500 Wii points
19 blocks (1 save block) [19 needed]
No Re-Releases

WiiWare titles

Critter Round-Up
1-4 players
1000 Wii points
[235 needed]

Star Soldier R
1 player
800 Wii points
145 blocks (1 save block) [145 needed]
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection


Nintendo Channel updates

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Who’s Playing Wii Fit: vol. 2
Wii Fit TV Commerical 1
Star Soldier R trailer
Critter Round-Up Introductory Trailer
Liv Tyler Plays Brain Age 2
Carrie Underwood Plays Nintendogs
Carrie Underwood: Behind the Scenes
Myst Game Play Trailer
Digest Video


The DS demos are actually the same as from two weeks ago, so no new demos are available.

“We think it’s a real shame that publishers and developers aren’t taking advantage of the technical possibilities of the Wii platform. Most Wii games don’t even look as good as the later day PS2 titles and that’s a real slap in the face to consumers. We believe that third-party developers need to step up to the plate and deliver. The Wii platform is capable of a lot more than what consumers have seen so far. We’re hoping to raise a new bar.” Incendiary words indeed, and Ganofsky takes it one step further by stating “Most of the games on the Wii look like crap [and] we want to change that” – CEO and founder of High Voltage Software, Kerry Ganofsky

To some extent, I do agree with Ganofsky’s words. Most third-party titles, and even some first-party titles look abysmal. Developers really need to try to tap in to the Wii’s graphical power. And the Wii can produce some amazing eye-candy – Just look at Super Mario Galaxy.

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