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Rodea: The Sky Soldier introduces the “R series” and more

Posted on March 22, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

This week’s issue of Famitsu has a big update on Rodea: The Sky Soldier. The magazine introduces the “R series” of humanoid robots, new characters, and more.

R Series

One portion of Famitsu’s article reveals information about the “R series”. This is a series of humanoid robots with the power of flight.

The emperor of Naga empire, Giado, launched the “R project” to produce robots to use as a spearhead in invading other countries. Rodea has lost the memory of that event, and is now protecting the people of Garuda by confronting his former allies. Rodea was a prototype, so the other members of the R series are more powerful.

Speaking of Giado, Famitsu has a couple of tidbits about the character. He was formerly a good father of Cecilia. That all changes, and he has since enhanced his body with machine parts.

Below is the full rundown of the R series:

R1 (nickname Ortos)
– The first in the R line
– An advanced model of Rodea: combines offense and defense
– Swears the utmost loyalty to the emperor Giado
– Speaks in a bit disrespectful way
– Rodea is trying to bring a medicinal herb for Tonio when R1 approaches Rodea and attacks
– When fighting with Ortos, you have to shower him with attacks to break his barrier; boost attacks are effective for this

R2 (nickname Lailas)
– The second robot with a specialty of speed
– Mixes English into his speech
– Follows after Rodea, possibly intending to kidnap Ion
– Strengthened R2 creates a barrier in battle which deals damage to anything it touches
– R2 can shoot a huge round beam which cuts things into pieces

R3 (nickname Kerbes)
– While she has a female form, she shouldn’t be underestimated as she has fierce attacks
– Arrives to stop Rodea and his friends from blowing up an important military stronghold of Naga
– She can create a barrier which freezes everything it touches
– Attacks with huge shock waves
– Moves fast in a warp-like manner
– You can’t let your guard down for a moment if you don’t want to get hit with her thrust attack

R4 (nickname unknown)
– The real form of R4 is a mystery
– R4 is the perfected model of the R series and the most powerful
– R4 rivals the emperor Giado in intellect
– Attacks with a huge energy ball which also boosts defense

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