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Right after the latest Nintendo Direct, new games were added to the StreetPass Mii Plaza. There are now five new ones to collect in total.

Like the previous batches of StreetPass Mii Plaza releases, these new ones were made by different developers. Let’s take a look at who those are:

– Slot-Car Rivals: Good Feel
– Market Crashers: Good Feel
– Ninja Launcher: Prope
– Feed Mii: Prope
– Mii Trek: Arzest

All three of these developers have been working on StreetPass Mii Plaza for awhile, so their involvement here is no major surprise. Still, it’s interesting to see who exactly was behind each one.


We’ve already posted a ton of footage from Rodea: The Sky Soldier on Wii U and Wii, but how does the 3DS version stack up? See for yourself in the video below.

Some folks have been asking about how NIS America handled the Wii version of Rodea: The Sky Soldier in terms of packaging. As many of you know, that version of the game came with all pre-orders (plus first-print copies).

Rodea: The Sky Soldier’s Wii edition doesn’t have its own box. Instead, NIS America included it in the same Wii U case. A separate case would have been nice, but at least we did end up getting the Wii version in the end!

Two more Rodea: The Sky Soldier videos have hit the net. Below, you’ll find a ton of footage from the Wii version plus a Wii vs. Wii U intro comparison.

Rodea: The Sky Soldier is out now in North America, and will be releasing later this week in Europe. View the game’s launch trailer below.

Rodea: The Sky Soldier will finally be launching in the west next week. A bunch of footage from the Wii U version can be found after the break.

Yuji Naka has created a few titles at Prope, including Ivy the Kiwi? and Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Both have been standalone games, but that doesn’t mean Naka isn’t interested in making sequels – quite the opposite actually.

Speaking with Hardcore Gamer, Naka expressed interest in returning to Ivy the Kiwi? if given the opportunity. The same also goes for Rodea. At the same time, he’s also thinking about completely new ideas.

Naka said:

“Ivy the Kiwi and Rodea are two titles that have a special part in my heart, so I would love to try creating sequels if I am given the opportunity. I constantly have ideas for new titles. Though I cannot say them here, please look forward to the day I can show them to the public.”

Naka further expressed interest in revisiting Rodea when asked if he’d like to see a comic series based on the game:

“If I am given the opportunity, I would love to have Rodea as a comic book series. I also personally want to see more of Rodea’s adventures.”


Some footage has come in showing off the Wii U version of Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Watch the video below.

We also have the file size for Rodea on Wii U. That’s attached above.


We have a few screenshots showing the Wii U and 3DS versions of Rodea: The Sky Soldier. View them in the gallery below.

NIS America prepared a new Rodea: The Sky Soldier trailer that shows off the game’s bosses. View the video below.

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