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A Boy and His Blob

A Boy and His Blob physical

Limited Run Games will be creating a physical release for the Switch version of A Boy and His Blob, the company announced today.

Two versions are planned – standard and a Deluxe Edition. With the Deluxe Edition, buyers will receive a physical copy of the game, soundtrack, 18″ x 24″ reversible poster, and dust sleeve.

Gameplay is now available for the Switch version of A Boy and His Blob, which has made a return following its Wii debut many years ago. Fans can watch 17 minutes of footage. 

Here’s some information about the game:

A Boy and His Blob trailer

To celebrate the game’s Switch release, publisher Ziggurat Interactive and developer WayForward have shared a launch trailer for A Boy and His Blob. The title ended up on Nintendo’s current console after originally appearing on Wii many years ago.

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Boy and his Blob Switch release date

A Boy and His Blob, which previously came to Wii, now has a release date on Switch. It’s confirmed for a November 4 launch.

Ziggurat just announced the port at the start of October. With the game planned for November, the turnaround from reveal to release is only a month.

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A Boy and His Blob Switch

After it originally came to Wii more than a decade ago, A Boy and His Blob is now on the way to Switch. Ziggurat Interactive announced that it will be putting WayForward’s classic on the console.

A Boy and His Blob was a re-imagining of the classic NES game. It’s a side-scrolling puzzle platformer with 2D hand-drawn animation. You’ll be controlling a young boy as he works with his friend, an alien blob-like creature with shapeshifting abilities that can be used by eating jelly beans. The two will need to defeat enemies and solve puzzles to reach Blobolonia and dethrone the tyrannical Emperor who’s set on world domination. The story is told through hand-drawn and animated illustrations.

Majesco Entertainment has revealed that a new entry in the A Boy and His Blob franchise is in development. While specific platforms haven’t been announced, it’s slated for “all next generation consoles”, which would hopefully include Wii U. A game titled “Glue” is also on the way.

Today’s news comes as Majeso has appointed David Rector as its new CEO. Going forward, the company will be focusing on digital games as opposed to packaged titles.


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