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Majesco Entertainment

Major Minor's Majestic March Masaya Matsuura

You may recall a bit of a niche music game that released on Wii titled Major Minor’s Majestic March. Masaya Matsuura, who worked on games like Vib-Ribbon and PaRappa the Rapper, was one of the main designers involved with the project.

Matsuura reflected on Major Minor’s Majestic March in a recent issue of EDGE and had some criticisms for Nintendo. He said that the company didn’t do a good job at explaining the Wii Remote’s functionality and said “there was a lack of transparency that hurt developers like us.” Along with “adding new and subtle features” Nintendo was also “amending the design as time went on, which changed the scope for us.”

Majesco Entertainment has confirmed that Geminose: Animal Popstars is now scheduled to arrive on the Switch eShop on May 18 in the West with a physical release to follow on June 18. Check out the release date announcement trailer below.

In case you missed it, you can take a look at our previous coverage of Geminose here.

Earlier today, the beat ’em up game Double Dragon Neon landed on Switch. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Double Dragon Neon is out now on Switch via the eShop.

Double Dragon Neon

Majesco and WayForward have shared a new Switch launch trailer for Double Dragon Neon, which hits the eShop today. View it below.

You can find more information about Double Dragon Neon here.

Double Dragon Neon

First released in 2012, Double Dragon Neon is now coming to Switch. The beat ’em up game, developed by WayForward, launches later this month.

We have the following overview and trailer for Double Dragon Neon:

Coba: Tale of the Moon

Majesco Entertainment has announced a return to gaming in a big way. The company has revealed Coba: Tale of the Moon, a new action RPG currently in development for Switch.

Coba may expand beyond just a single game. There are plans to create “a full media franchise, with potential for an animated series for traditional television and/or streaming platforms, home video, theatrical release(s), merchandise sales and/or augmented reality programming.”

Majesco Entertainment has revealed that a new entry in the A Boy and His Blob franchise is in development. While specific platforms haven’t been announced, it’s slated for “all next generation consoles”, which would hopefully include Wii U. A game titled “Glue” is also on the way.

Today’s news comes as Majeso has appointed David Rector as its new CEO. Going forward, the company will be focusing on digital games as opposed to packaged titles.


A strange listing recently popped up on the USK, the ratings board for Germany. “GL00” was rated for a number of platforms including Wii U. I literally have no idea what this game is, but the USK indicates that Majesco is publishing, and it’s a puzzle title of some sort. I suppose we’ll find out soon enough!


Majesco’s financial issues have been well-documented as of late. Likely in an attempt to offset some of its difficulties, Majesco announced today that U&I Entertainment LLC will handle the distribution for all of its retail games in North America going forward.

Majesco intends to continue publishing and distributing its digital games. However, with no new projects in development, it seems as though the company will simply maintain its back catalog of releases.


Majesco Entertainment’s future continues to look grim. Former vice president of publishing Casey Lynch is no longer with the publisher, and said in a tweet that the company is “downsizing”.

The message reads:

Meanwhile, Game Informer attempted to reach Midnight City communications director John Kopp via email, but was presented with an auto-reply stating that he is also no longer with the company.


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