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Battleminer’s new update will be available in North America later this week. Developer Wobbly Tooth confirmed through Twitter today that the patch, which adds new elements such as multiplayer, is due out on Thursday. Battleminer will be sold at half price in celebration of the new update.


Battleminer’s new update came out in Europe last month. The patch added multiplayer, animals, and support for the New 3DS.

Wobbly Tooth is still planning on bringing the update to North America, but the developer has encountered a snag. There’s a chance that version 2.0 will be ready in June, but it’s also possible that it won’t be released until later down the line.

Wobbly Tooth recently shared the following in a Miiverse update:


Battleminer’s new update has gone live in Europe. The patch adds multiplayer, animals, and New 3DS support.

Check out a trailer for the update below.

When Battleminer’s update is live in North America, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Wobby Tooth is still supporting Battleminer with free updates. The latest patch, which was revealed on the developer’s Twitter account today, will add a major feature.

When Battleminer’s next update goes live, players will be able to partake in multiplayer co-op. This will work both locally and online.

Battleminer’s newest update is coming to Europe on April 16. There’s no date yet for North America, but it shouldn’t be too far behind.


Wobbly Tooth is working on an update for Battleminer, the developer announced via Miiverse.

There are two primary goals with the patch. First, several bugs will be addressed – addressing saving and Creative Mode issues in particular. New features are also on the way like an increase in the world ceiling and something else that Wobbly Tooth is keeping secret.

Here’s the full Miiverse post:


Wobbly Tooth has shared first screenshots and details for its new 3DS eShop game “Battleminer”.

The developer describes Battleminer as “an open-world block game exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS. In a world where giant, mutant Ants have taken over, your mission is to rescue Survivors that are hostage to the Ants.” Survivors who are rescued will reward you with items or teach you the ability to craft new items yourself.

Players will be able to mine for various resources in Battleminer. These include wood, copper, zinc, and other materials. You’ll then be able to craft items such as weapons and ammunition to help you survive.

Different types of Ants will be encountered while you progress, and each has its own behaviors. New ant types will also present new challenges for the player.

Wobbly Tooth has also confirmed stereoscopic 3D support, a dynamic day-night cycle, and a peaceful Creative Mode where you can build your own structures and share screenshots of them via the Miiverse.

Battleminer is the first game on 3DS to feature a procedural voxel world with an infinite map size. And it’s all running at 60 frames-per-second.

We should be seeing Battleminer in North America in late October. The European/Australian release will follow “a month or two after that.” Expect a price point of $9.99 / £5.99 / €7.49.

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