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BitNine Studio

tERRORbane update 1.1.1

A new 1.1.1 update has gone live for tERRORbane, a comedic adventure game.

The update includes a Japanese voice over option for the Developer, featuring Tomokazu Sugita. It also adds a new shortcut to the Warp Zone, adjustments, bug fixes, and more.

The full patch notes for the tERRORbane version 1.1.1 update are as follows:

tERRORbane trailer

A new trailer has come in for tERRORbane, a JRPG-inspired adventure. Earlier this week, the title landed on Switch.

More information about tERRORbane can be found in the following overview:

tERRORbane gameplay

The JRPG-inspired adventure tERRORbane landed on Switch this week, and if you’re curious about it, you might want to check out some new gameplay. A total of 20 minutes of footage is available.

We have the following overview for tERRORbane:

terrorbane release date

Publisher WhisperGames and developer BitNine Studio have announced the release date for their new game tERRORbane. The JRPG-inspired comedy adventure will release for Switch on April 1, 2022.

The game had been announced last year with an update at Gamescom confirming a Q1 2022 release window.

Here’s an overview for the game:

tERRORbane release window

At Gamescom 2021 today, publisher WhisperGames and developer BitNine Studio shared the latest details about tERRORbane. The JRPG-inspired adventure is now confirmed for launch in Q1 2022. This is the first sort of update we have concerning the release window for tERRORbane.

Here’s a whole bunch of information about the title covering the gameplay and more:

BitNine Studio has announced tERRORbane, a JRPG-inspired adventure. A release window hasn’t been announced, but the game is said to be coming soon.

Here’s an overview of the game:

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