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Brave Dungeon

Inside System has announced a pair of new titles for Switch. Later this year, the company will publish Dark Witch’s Story: Combat and Brave Dungeon on the eShop as a bundle.

Dark Witch’s Story: Combat is a 3 vs. 3 strategy battle game. You choose three out of four available characters, and equip each with magic items.

Brave Dungeon, a side story from The Legend of Dark Witch, is making its way to North America very soon. In fact, it’s just one day out. The 3DS eShop lists it for March 30.

Here’s a brief overview of Brave Dungeon:

“Syega are powerful crystals that grant humans the ability to use magic. Some crystals are so powerful they have to be contained in specially prepared vessels; these are known as Magic Items. Join intrepid adventurer AI as she explores the dangerous labyrinths of Belfer Island in search of powerful Magic Items. Along the way AI will join forces with strong allies and face even stronger enemies. Can AI conquer the imposing dungeon known as Godshill and find the ultimate Magic Items?”

And some screenshots with the eShop listing:

Brave Dungeon originally premiered in Japan at the end of last November.

Brave Dungeon localization video

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Localization is underway on Brave Dungeon, the newest 3DS eShop game from Inside System. A video has been prepared (see below) showing a work-in-progress translation. Circle Entertainment will likely be publishing the game in North America and Europe sometime in 2017.

Brave Dungeon trailer

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Brave Dungeon is the new side story connecting to The Legend of Dark Witch. The game is set to launch on the Japanese 3DS eShop next week, and a trailer is now live. We’ve posted it below.