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Bytten Studio

Cassette Beasts physical

Super Rare Games is back with another Switch physical announcement, this time for Cassette Beasts. Note that the Pier of the Unknown and Cosplay Pack DLCs will be included on the cartridge.

3,000 standard copies will be made available alongside 3,000 for the Deluxe Edition. The latter version includes a copy of the game, full color hardcover art book, XXX track 80s vibe CD soundtrack composed by Joel Baylis, iron-on Cassette Beasts logo patch, full set of trading cards, sticker sheet, full color bespoke manual and SRG game sticker, and a special box.

Cassette Beasts multiplayerts

The team behind Cassette Beasts has announced a major multiplayer update for the game. On Switch and other platforms, it will be available on May 20, 2024.

The update will let groups of eight players explore together, participate in player-versus-player battles, and more. Additionally, on the same day, fans can access a collaboration event with Moonstone Island.

Here’s the full rundown:

Cassette Beasts update 1.5

Cassette Beasts received its latest update this week, with the game moving up to version 1.5. Full patch notes are available.

The new update comes with some additions particularly for quality of life – things like a color-blind accessibility option, new filter options for the sticker inventory, and more. That’s along with some other changes and bug fixes.

Cassette Beasts Pier of the Unknown DLC

The Pier of the Unknown DLC for Cassette Beasts, which was previously teased at the end of June, has just been given a release date. Raw Fury and Bytten Studio will make it available for Switch on October 4, 2023.

The Pier of the Unknown DLC offers a new storyline and location to uncover, plus 12 new monsters to collect and more. We have more information in the following overview:

Cassette Beasts 1.2 update Catacombs

Starting today, Cassette Beasts players can access a brand new “Catacombs” update, which is marked as version 1.2.0.

This update includes a new hidden location, with players tasked with finding the Abandoned Mine. Also available are eight extra monsters – three are alternate remastered forms of existing monsters, four are brand new including the metal-type spider beast Ferriclaw, and one is a secret unique monster. That’s along with ten new moves, including a new attack, several moves centered around new status effects, and four new passives.

Cassette Beasts trailer

Cassette Beasts has finally landed on consoles – including Switch – and we have a new trailer to celebrate. The video shows off the open world RPG.

You can find additional details about it in the following overview:

Cassette Beasts release date

Cassette Beasts is almost here on Switch, with publisher Raw Fury and Bytten Studio providing a final release date. The game will be available for Nintendo’s console on May 25, 2023, the two sides confirmed today.

We first heard about Cassette Beasts back in 2020. It’s a creature-collecting-and-fusing open-world RPG.

Here’s some additional information: 

casette beasts fusion

Cassette Beasts has received a new trailer, which introduces its “Fusion” gameplay system. With the feature, players can combine any two monsters.

Here’s some additional information:

Cassette Beasts cozy trailer

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Bytten Studio are back with a new look at Cassette Beasts with the two sides releasing a new “Cozy” trailer today. It focuses on New Wirral, which is where the game is set.

Here’s some information about Cassette Beasts:

Cassette Beasts Raw Fury

It’s been over a year since we last heard about Cassette Beasts, a monster-fusing open-world RPG where players collect creatures to use in turn-based battles. The project has now resurfaced with the news that Raw Fury will be in charge of publishing. A new trailer has come in as well.

Regarding the partnership with Raw Fury, lead artist and writer Jay Baylis with programmer and designer Tom Coxon said: 

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