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Blossom Tales publisher FDG Entertainment has provided an update on the game’s strong performance on Switch. According to the company, sales on Nintendo’s platform have now surpassed Steam sales by a factor of 20.

FDG previously said that Blossom Tales sold double the amount of units on Switch launch day compared to lifetime sales on Steam. In March, we heard that Switch surpassed Steam lifetime revenue by 20x.


FDG Entertainment recently said that a patch would be coming soon for Blossom Tales. That patch has now gone live. If you have the game, it should be updated to version 1.0.1.

The big highlight of today’s update is support for video capture. The team also fixed some bugs, and improved the Spanish translation.

The update clocks in at 28.8 MB. If we hear anything else about the patch, we’ll let you know.

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FDG Entertainment has confirmed that a new patch for Blossom Tales is coming soon. It was already submitted a few days ago, so it shouldn’t be too far off.

In terms of functionality, video capture support will be added in. Some bugs have also been fixed and the Spanish translation has been worked.

We’ll give you a heads up when the patch goes live.

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Blossom Tales, a new 2D Zelda-inspired game from FDG Entertainment and Castle Pixel, launched on Switch yesterday. An early report indicates that the game is doing extremely well.

FDG sent out a tweet earlier today stating that Blossom Tales managed to sell double the amount of copies on Switch launch day than the Steam version did in its lifetime. The company wrote:

Blossom Tales is out now on the eShop, and is currently a console exclusive.


Interested to see what Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King looks like in action? Then check out 15 minutes of gameplay of the Switch version:

FDG Entertainment has confirmed that Blossom Tales will be available on Switch sometime this month. Although a specific date hasn’t been announced yet, we should have that news soon.

We also have a look at what the Switch icon looks like for Blossom Tales. It’s pictured above.

Here’s the news straight from FDG:

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FDG Entertainment released the first trailer for Blossom Tales on Switch, where it will be a console exclusive. Check out the trailer below.

FDG Entertainment has published Oceanhorn on Switch, and will also be handling the release of Monster Boy on the system. Additionally, FDG announced today that Blossom Tales will be released on Switch as a console exclusive.

Blossom Tales first came out earlier in the year on Steam. The action-adventure game will have you exploring a “vast open game world”, visiting dungeons, battling enemies, solving puzzles, and more.

Here’s a more comprehensive overview:

Following a few years of development, Blossom Tales from Castle Pixel and publisher FDG Entertainment is due out on Steam this month. That’s where it’s staying for now, but a Switch version isn’t out of the cards. When asked about Switch, FDG showed willingness to port it to additional platforms if it does well on Steam.

FDG is already pledging support for Switch with Monster Boy and Oceanhorn. Seeing Blossom Tales on Switch might not be a crazy thought, especially given its Zelda inspirations.

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Rex Rocket’s Wii U version has been put on hold, developer Castle Pixel confirmed to Nintendo Everything. The studio’s Miguel Vidaure told us that a release on the eShop is “still a possibility”, though it’s “on the back burner due to the time it would take to develop.”

Something that could lead to Rex Rocket hitting Wii U is the Monogame framework. In a report last year, we heard about the technology coming to the¬†console. However, this has yet to actually happen. If Wii U were to gain Monogame support, Vidaure said Rex Rocket would come to Wii U “in no time”.

Castle Pixel has already moved on to its next game, Blossom Tales. There’s a Wii U stretch goal at $250,000, but according to Vidaure, Monogame support would mean that the title would head to Nintendo’s console even if the target isn’t met.