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It’s not too often that we hear about the Nintendo games made for the CD-i. And there’s good reason for that: they’re largely considered to be some of the worst titles out there. They weren’t actually created by Nintendo, as Philips handled them instead.

Philips worked with two developers on a few Nintendo games for the CD-i. There were a trio of Zelda titles, along with Hotel Mario.

Stephen Radosh was one of the people who was very involved with the Nintendo efforts on CD-i. On Hotel Mario, he was executive producer. While he wasn’t there for the initial negotiations Philips had, Nintendo was said to be quite cooperative.

Radosh told Game Informer this month:

“They could have kept saying no, and then it would have never hit the market. I was expecting nothing but combative, and I got the exact opposite.”

“I still had to get approval from Nintendo on everything, because these were their trademark characters. And anyone who owns trademark characters will tell you, you don’t want Link having sex with Zelda on the ramparts of the castle.”

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