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-CHASE- Unsolved Cases Division

Last week, Aksys announced localization of Chase: Cold Case Investigations. It’s a new game from Hotel Dusk director Taisuke Kanasaki plus former CING staff.

Although Famitsu’s review was published a few weeks back, we thought we’d take a new look at it now that Chase’s localization is confirmed. Editors dished out scores of “8”, “7”, “8”, and “6” for a score of 29 out of 40.

Wondering why Chase received those scores? Head past the break for the full transcript of Famitsu’s review.

Arc System Works’ 3DS eShop game -CHASE- Unsolved Cases Investigation Division is now set to release in Japan on May 11th. Along with the release date, Arc System Works released a new trailer, which can be viewed below. The game’s story revolves around two detectives, Shounosuke Nanase and Koto Amekura, as they investigate a reopened case about an explosion and death. While originally closed as an accident, an anonymous caller informs the division that it was murder. There is no current news on localization.

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The opening movie for -CHASE- Unsolved Cases Investigation Division, the upcoming Japanese 3DS eShop game from Arc System Works, has been released. You can watch it below:

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-CHASE- Unsolved Cases Division has been announced for Japan, with plans to bring out the game on the 3DS eShop this summer. It’s a “hard-boiled” adventure game directed by Taisuke Kanasaki (Another Code/Hotel Dusk), and other former Cing staff are working on it as well. Arc System Works will be publishing.

View some screenshots from -CHASE- Unsolved Cases Division below. You can also access a teaser site here.

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