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Circle Entertainment shared a western release date for Fairune 2 today. In North America, look for it on October 20.

Over on Twitter, Circle wrote the following a short while ago:

We should also be seeing Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, another Circle-published title on Wii U, later this month as well.


This past week we found out about Mercenaries Saga 3, which lands on the Japanese 3DS eShop next week. Unsurprisingly, Circle Entertainment is localizing the game, and we might be seeing it very soon. The English version is almost ready to be submitted to Nintendo in both North America and Europe.

Aside from Mercenaries Saga 3, other Circle-published games are on the way. Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (Wii U) and Fairune 2 (3DS) should be out next month as well as ASH (3DS) for Europe.


Polara file size

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In both North America and Europe, you can obtain Polara from the 3DS eShop. It’s a 730 block download in case you’re curious. That translates to 91.25MB.


The Legend of Dark Witch 3 was playable at TGS last week, and Twitter user irumn39 captured some off-screen footage. View the gameplay below.


Noah’s Cradle is one of the new digital releases on 3DS this week, as Circle Entertainment has localized the game originally sent out by Silver Star Japan. Watch a trailer for the flight shooter below.

Note that while Noah’s Cradle is out in North America on Thursday, Europe will have it next Thursday.

Circle Entertainment isn’t slowing down on 3DS releases anytime soon. The company has confirmed another release for the eShop, SubaraCity.

All we know about SubaraCity thus far is that it’s a puzzle game. Circle intends to publish it sometime during Q4 of this year.

Here’s the news from Circle’s Twitter page:


A North American release date has been determined for Noah’s Cradle. Via the 3DS eShop, you can pick up the game starting on September 22.

Circle Entertainment shared the news on Twitter yesterday, writing:


New Picontier screenshots

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Picontier, which was recently confirmed for a 3DS release, has had some new screenshots added to its Steam page. You can view them in the gallery below.

The Legend of Dark Witch 3 is on display at TGS 2016 this week as promised. Famitsu has now posted the first screenshots of the game, which we have below.

You might be surprised to hear that M2 is working on The Legend of Dark Witch 3. In the past, the team worked on the SEGA 3D Classics series.


Picontier coming to 3DS

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At the Tokyo Game Show today, Flyhigh Works and Skipmore announced Picontier, a new title planned for 3DS. Circle Entertainment will publish the game in the west.

Picontier is described as a “slow living miniscape RPG”. We’ve posted the first trailer below.

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