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Crysis Remastered

The Switch version of Crysis Remastered is nearly here, as the game is set to launch tomorrow. Digital Foundry has examined the game in great detail, revealing that overall, Crytek and Saber Interactive have done an admirable job.

Here are the notable tidbits:

Crysis Remastered

During a live stream today, Crytek showed off the first actual gameplay from Crysis Remastered on Switch. Watch the full recording below.

Crysis Remastered

Crytek has published a new trailer for Crysis Remastered that shows off all of the technical features from the Switch version. Check it out below.

Crysis Remastered is slated for July 23 on Switch.

Crysis Remastered

It’s been a confusing week or so for Crysis Remastered. The game’s first trailer and release date leaked, but before Crytek would acknowledge anything, it decided to push the launch back for extra polish. While Switch was supposed to be included in that delay, it seems the platform won’t be impacted after all.

In a short announcement on social media, Crytek said that Crysis Remastered will still launch on July 23 – the original leaked date. The developer didn’t clarify if the game will be touched up at all from the initial trailer that was shown.


Crysis Remastered

It’s been a strange past couple of days for Crysis Remastered. The game’s release date, screenshots, and trailer have all leaked ahead of what was supposed to be an official announcement. But after looking at the feedback Crysis Remastered has received in light of those leaks, the team is pushing back the July 23 release date – which was technically never announced.

A statement posted to social media reads:

Crysis Remastered

Update: We also have a new Switch-specific trailer:

A listing on the eShop has revealed the first screenshots from Crysis Remastered on Switch. Get a look at the images below.

As revealed earlier this week, Crysis Remastered is due out for Switch on July 23.

Source: Switch eShop

Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered already suffered one leak tonight after the game’s release date and screenshots leaked from a Microsoft Store listing. Another page from the same website has now surfaced, revealing the gameplay trailer that was planned to debut on July 1.

Here’s the video:

Crysis Remastered

Crysis Remastered was known to be arriving sometime this summer. Thanks to a Brazilian listing on the Microsoft Store, we appear to have a final release date. The page indicates that a release is set for July 23.

Here’s an overview from the store listing, translated by Google:

Warface has updated on Switch with a new feature. The online first-person shooter now has a 32-player Battle Royale mode.

True to the genre, each round involves eliminating all opponents and being the last man standing. You’ll only start out with a melee weapon, but more advanced options are available in special boxes and when a plane flies over.

Here’s a full overview of Battle Royale in Warface:

Crysis Remastered

Crytek published an official announcement for Crysis Remastered, revealing more about the redone version of its classic shooter.

First up, we now have a summer release window. Saber Interactive, the company behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Switch and other ports, is co-developing. Lots of new graphical bells and whistles are detailed in the press release as well.

Here’s the full announcement:

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