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Defend Your Crypt

Ratalaika Games is wrapping up updates for two of its previous eShop releases. Defend your Crypt and Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition will be getting patches in early 2017.

Defend your Crypt’s update sounds fairly substantial. New maps will be added, and tweaks will be implemented. The update should be submitted to lot check very soon.

As for Blasting Agent, we know that Russian will be included as a supported language. It’ll be submitted in early January, and Ratalaika is also working on a Japanese version of the game.


Defend Your Crypt arrived on the Wii U and 3DS eShops last week. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Defend Your Crypt won’t require much space when it arrives in North America and Europe next Thursday. On Wii U, the download is just 46MB. The 3DS version needs 56 blocks of free space, or 7MB.


Defend Your Crypt isn’t just releasing in Europe next week. We’ve heard from Ratalaika Games that North America will have it on the same day – July 21.

We’ve already posted Defend Your Crypt’s Wii U trailer. Now we have a video for the 3DS edition below.

We recently heard that the 3DS version of Defend Your Crypt is slated for July 21 in Europe. Unsurprisingly, a listing on the eShop now confirms the same date on Wii U as well.

Here’s a trailer:

Defend Your Crypt doesn’t have a date yet in North America, but it should be out soon.


Two more eShop games have been dated for Europe. First up is EnjoyUp Games’ shooter Hurry Up! Bird Hunter, which is releasing for Wii U on July 14 at a €7.99 price point. Defend Your Crypt will follow on 3DS a week later for €2.99.

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Ratalakia Games has shared updates on two games slated for Nintendo platforms while also announcing a new one.

First up is Defend Your Crypt, a project made by the team internally. Ratalakia Games hopes to have this game ready around May for Wii U, 3DS, and PC.

Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition by Axol Studio is another title we’ve heard about from Ratalakia. We knew the port was coming to 3DS, but a Wii U version is now confirmed as well. The goal is to have the game complete during the first half of this year.

Ratalaika Games has announced yet another game for Wii U and 3DS. At some point in the future, Defend Your Crypt will be coming to the two platforms as an eShop title.

Defend Your Crypt is a puzzle-strategy game where players take control of a pharaoh to
protect his gold from grave robbers. They’ll need to use a variety of traps in order to take down enemies and avoid being robbed. Players can look forward to an Egyptian-inspired, retro pixel art style.

Here’s a rundown of features:

– Trap variety: The game will contain classic traps such as open platforms, which can make robbers
fall onto spikes, and also water traps or killer scorpions and beetles.
– Levels: A large number of levels to make sure the robbers will not steal any of your gold, and you
enjoy the game to the fullest. A lot of time can be spent on finishing all of them!
– Robbers with feelings: No robbers are heartless. Throughout the game, players will see robbers
in different moods, and they will also interact with each other a little bit. Seeing a hallway full of
blood could make a robber sad and break his heart.

At the moment, while Defend Your Crypt remains in development, any sort of release timeframe has not been announced.

Source: Ratalaika Games PR