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Over the past few years, Life is Strange has been recognized as one of the standout adventure series in gaming. Unfortunately, the IP has yet to appear on Switch. Developer Dontnod Entertainment definitely has interest, but it ultimately sounds like it’s up to Square Enix to sign off on any sort of ports.

Life is Strange 2 co-creative director Michel Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano said the following when asked by GameSpot if there are any plans for the franchise on Switch:

Vampyr finally makes its debut on Switch today, and Focus Home Interactive has passed along a new trailer to celebrate the occasion. You can view it below.

The action-RPG Vampyr is making its way to Switch on just a couple of days. For a look at how the new version stacks up to the PlayStation 4 release, check out the video below.

The RPG-investigation title Call of Cthulhu, which is based on the classic pen and paper RPG, is coming to Switch. Publisher Focus Home Interactive confirmed the game for Nintendo’s console today. It will release sometime this year.

Here’s an overview of Call of Cthu, along with a trailer:

Vampyr coming to Switch

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Focus Home Interactive is bringing Vampyr to Switch, the company announced in its latest financial report. The game is developed by Dontnod Entertainment of Life is Strange fame. This will be the studio’s first game on a Nintendo platform.

Here’s an overview for Vampyr, along with a trailer: