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Back Again

The 3D platformer Back Again is landing on Switch in August, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Dexter Manning confirmed today. A specific date has not yet been provided.

Back Again is described as a hardcore platformer, so this won’t be an easy game to get through. The action is also set with a first-person perspective.

Here’s some additional information:

Seduction: A Monk's Fate

The horror adventure puzzle game Seduction: A Monk’s Fate will land on Switch this month, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer KOEX Studio revealed today. Look for it on July 20, 2022.

Seduction: A Monk’s Fate features side-scrolling action and adventure gameplay. Learn more about the title below.


Publisher Eastasiasoft, in collaboration with developer Naoka Games, announced that Rayland will be available on Switch next week. It’s lined up for a July 13, 2022 debut.

For more on Rayland, read the following overview:

Drunken Fist 2 gameplay

Gameplay has come in for Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover, the 3D brawler with ragdoll physics. Eastasiasoft published the title on Switch this week.

Learn more about Drunken Fist 2: Zombie Hangover in the overview below:

Freezer Pops releases today on Switch eShop, and the first thirty minutes of the “bara visual novel” are available for viewing.

Learn more about the game and check out the footage below:

Seven Pirates H gameplay

Seven Pirates H just arrived on Switch in the west this week, and new gameplay shows off the localized build. We have 45 minutes of footage in total.

Marble Maid gameplay

Thanks to some new gameplay, we have a look at Marble Maid on Switch. 15 minutes of footage shows off the puzzle ball adventure.

We have the following overview for Marble Maid:

Quintus and the Absent Truth

Today, publisher Eastasiasoft and developer Wreck Tangle Games announced that Quintus and the Absent Truth is coming to Switch. The horror-themed adventure is slated for this summer on Nintendo’s console.

If you’re interested in learning more about Quintus and the Absent Truth, read the following overview:

Rogue Sentry

Eastasiasoft and MapleDev confirmed today that Rogue Sentry, a twin-stick adventure shoot ’em up, is receiving a release on Switch. Look for it sometime this summer.

Thanks to Eastasiasoft, we have the following overview for the game:

Thunder Kid II: Null Mission

Today, Eastasiasoft and developer Renegade Sector Games announced that they’re bringing Thunder Kid II: Null Mission to Switch. This follows the first title that only just made it to the system a little over a month ago.

Here’s what to expect from the title:

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