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EnjoyUp Games

Unepic is good to go on the North American Wii U eShop. The game has been approved for the US, publisher EnjoyUp Games announced through Twitter.

The company wrote:

If all goes well, Unepic should be hitting the eShop later this month.


Unepic doesn’t have a final release date on Wii U, but EnjoyUp has narrowed down a potential window. According to a tweet from the studio, the indie title may land on Nintendo’s console sometime in January.

EnjoyUp wrote on Twitter:


EnjoyUp Games has shared a few details about one of its upcoming Wii U eShop titles, Rock’N Racing Off Road.

The racer will support at least three modes: arcade, time trial, and multiplayer. In the latter mode, five gamers can play at once.

Rock’N Racing Off Road also supports off-TV play, and features “realistic physics for driving, jumps and crashes”. Players can count on plenty of rock and roll music as well.

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EnjoyUp has several Wii U titles in the works. Studio head Julio Moruno, speaking with Revogamers, shared some details about the upcoming projects.

Abyss may be the simplest of the group. It’s a port of the DSiWare version with new missions and a two-player multiplayer racing mode. The graphics have also been updated, and off-TV play is supported.

We’ve also previously heard about Rock’N Racing Off Road. This is a racing title inspired by Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road with multiplayer supporting up to five players. Rock’N Racing Off Road offers off-TV play, too. EnjoyUp is also taking advantage of Unity for physics: driving, crashes and collisions.

Lastly, Aguraki is a difficult side-scrolling shooter with bosses, multiplayer options, and online leaderboards. Moruno loves Treasure games, so Aguraki will likely incorporate a similar style.


EnjoyUp Games has shared a new screenshot from Abyss on Wii U showing the game’s two-player mode. You can find the image above.


EnjoyUp Games has announced its latest title for Wii U. Rock’N Racing Off Road is heading to Nintendo’s console, the company has revealed.

EnjoyUp made the announcement through Twitter a short while ago, writing:

If/when we receive additional details about Rock’N Racing, we’ll have them right here.