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Fire Emblem Heroes

The latest event in Fire Emblem Heroes has begun. The most recent Voting Gauntlet pits Celica, Robin, Takumi and Zelgius against their dark counterparts. As always, you’ll choose one of them to support in each round and fight against the opposing team. Each of the Voting Gauntlet’s rounds lasts two days, so make sure you do the accompanying quests on time so that you can get most of the rewards.

A special log-in bonus of 20 orbs and 2018 feathers awaits players when they log in to Fire Emblem Heroes today. This is to celebrate the game winning the category “Best Mobile” at the 2018 DICE Awards recently.

Also, it’s the start of a new month, which means three new sets of quests for March are now live. As always, you have until the end of this month to complete them.

As part of today’s Fire Emblem Heroes content update, The People’s Hero Paralogue Story was added in. Check out some footage below.

A new Legendary Summoning Focus is now live. It features 5 star versions of Ephraim, Jaffar, Gaius, Corrin, Leo, Ike, Olivia, Dorcas, Mia, Shiro, Gunnthrá, and Ike. More details in this post. This summoning focus will be available until March 5th.

There is also a new Paralogue Story available called “Xenologue 3: Hero The World Demands” and you can get a 5 star version of Ike, the Vanguard Legend for clearing it.

A set of new quests are now available that pretain to using heroes with water blessing, you’ll have a chance to earn some more orbs. There have also been adjustments to the arena match making in that were mentioned earlier.

As part of a new event, Ephraim: Legendary Lord will be showing up in Fire Emblem Heroes. A few other characters will be appearing as well. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems will be offering an 8% five-star focus rate for this banner.

We have a trailer for the event featuring Ephraim below. It kicks off around the world tomorrow.

Firstly the newest summoning focus has just gone live including characters: Celica, Robin (male), Takumi and Zelgius. On top of that the next voting gauntlet will be the Shadow in the Mirror featuring: both versions regular and fallen version of Celica, Robin and Takumi. Zelgius and the Black Knight are also available to choose.

Nintendo has provided first details on a new Fire Emblem Heroes update. Version 2.3.0 is planned for March.

The update will be highlighted by a few different features. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are adding a new type of map known as Rival Domains, a regular type of map called Blessed Gardens, new weapon skills, and more weapons that can be refined.

Here’s a full rundown of the update:

The Takumi: Empty Vessel – Grand Hero Battle started in Fire Emblem Heroes earlier today. For a look at the event, watch the video below.

Another event is now up and running in Fire Emblem Heroes. Starting today, players can partake in the Grand Hero Battle – Takumi: Empty Vessel.

You can challenge Takumi to Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal and difficulties. You’ll get one copy of him each time he’s defeated, and if you beat him on Infernal, you’ll be rewarded with 2,000 Hero Feathers.

Grand Hero Battle – Takumi: Empty Vessel will be live until March 8.

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