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Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes New Heroes & Mythic Heiðr

New Heroes & Mythic Heiðr has been announced as the latest summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. Fir: Swordmaiden (voiced by Liv Strander, art by kiyu), Noah: Mercenary-Errant (voiced by Aaron Dismuke, art by nekomochi), Dorothy: Devoted Archer (voiced by Bindy Coda, art by kawasumi), and Heiðr: Innocent Goddess (art by Alice Himora, art by Yoshiku) make up the lineup this time.

Fir can learn the skills Vassal-Saint Steel, Glimmer, Atk/Spd Finish 4, Phys. Null Follow, and Atk/Spd Oath 4. Noah has Ilian Merc Lance, Luna, Flow Guard 3, and Alarm Spd/Def. Dorothy is capable of learning Defier’s Bow+, Ardent Sacrifice, Spd/Res Ideal 3, and Atk/Res Oath 3. Finally, Heiðr’s skills are Heiðr, Gold Serpent, Remote Sparrow, Mag. Null Follow, and Panic Smoke 4.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.6.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced a new version 7.6.0 for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Version 7.6.0 comes with the usual additions like new weapon skills and weapons to refine. Also being updated is the lineup of limited-time Combat Manuals, Aether Raids, Summoner Duels, and more.

The full patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 7.6.0 update are as follows:

Fire Emblem Heroes Hinoka: Thundering Wings

Hinoka: Thundering Wings is set to join Fire Emblem Heroes as a new Legendary Hero, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced.

Hinoka is voiced by Cindy Robinson and features art from Kita Senri. Her learnable skills include Fujin-Raijin Yumi, Deadeye, Atk/Spd Catch 4, Wings of Mercy 4, and Rallying Cry.

Fire Emblem Heroes Bridal Dreams

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed Bridal Dreams as its latest summoning event. It will feature Anna: Secret Charmer (voiced by Karen Strassman, art by Konfuzi Kokon), Say’ri: Righteous Bride (voiced by Minae Noji, art by Homazo), Flavia: Bold Bride (voiced by Tara Platt, art by Suzuki Rika), and Tiki: Bridal Reflections (voiced by Mela Lee, art by Gesoking).

Anna’s leanrable skills are Heartbroker Bow, Luna, Remote Sparrow, Seal Def 4, and C Feud 3. Say’ri can use Chon’sin Sprig, Draconic Aura, Life and Death 4, and S/D Rein Snap. Flavia has Bridal Blade+, Harsh Command+, Atk/Def Clash 3, and Rouse Atk Spd/3. Lastly, Tiki’s skills are Twin Divinestone, Armored Floe, New Divinity, and A/R Far Save 3.

Fire Emblem Heroes New Heroes & Rearmed Chrom

New Heroes & Rearmed Chrom has been announced as the next summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will include Byleth: Vengeance Vessel (voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris, art by Hidari), Maria: Ritual Sacrifice (voiced by Wendee Lee, art by Mayo), Anankos: Seething Silence (voiced by Imari Williams, art by Yoneko), and Chrom: Fell Exalt (voiced by Matt Mercer, art by Fujisaka Kimihiko).

Byleth can learn Captain’s Sword, Divine Pulse, Distant A/S Solo, Close Call 4, and Time’s Pulse 4. The skills for Maria are Sacrifice Staff, Nudge+, Holy Panic, Atk/Spd Unity, Poetic Justice, and Even Recovery 3. Anankos’s lineup is Silent Breath, Noontime, Kestrel Stance 3, Savvy Fighter 4, and A/S Near Save 3. Finally, Chrom’s learnable skills are Arcane Devourer, Fate Unchanged, Galeforce, and Atk/Spd Clash 4.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.5.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced the next update for Fire Emblem Heroes, version 7.5.0. It should be going live around May 8 (PT).

The update will add Seer’s Snare, new skills for a Legendary Hero and Mythic Hero, and more.

Below are the full patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 7.5.0 update:

Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel April 2023

A new April 2023 Feh Channel presentation for Fire Emblem Heroes has just gone live, which covers various news about the mobile title.

The video details Golden Week Events, which are set to start soon. Also revealed is a new Mythic Heroes summoning event that kicks off on April 28. Lastly, fans can also hear about updates planned for late April / May.

Fire Emblem Heroes New Heroes & Rearmed Ingrid

Fire Emblem Heroes has revealed its latest summoning event, this time known as New Heroes & Rearmed Ingrid. It will feature Felix: Lone-Wolf Blade (voiced by Lucien Dodge, art by Clover.K), Rhea: Loving Matriarch (voiced by Cherami Leigh, art by Zonotaida), Sylvain: Consummate Flirt (voiced by Joe Brogie, art by argon), and Ingrid: Beacon of Honor (voiced by Brittany Cox, art by Riz3).

Felix features the learnable skills Lone Wolf, Godlike Reflexes, Atk/Spd Finish 4, Atk/Spd Bulwark 3, and Spd Smoke 4. Rhea has Revealing Breath, Glimmer, Atk/Res Scowl 4, and True Dragon Wall. For Sylvain it’s Allied Axe+, Moonbow, Atk/Def Catch 3, and Spur Atk/Def 2. Lastly, Ingrid’s lineup is Arcane Luin, Luna, Knightly Devotion, Guard Bearing 4, and Spd/Def Hold.

Fire Emblem Heroes No Matter Where summoning event

Fire Emblem Heroes has just announced No Matter Where as its next summoning event. It will include Hector: Sworn Friend (voiced by Patrick Seitz, art by Hagiya Kaoru), Eliwood: Pledged Friend (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, art by azu – taro), Rebecca: Breezy Scamp (voiced by Hunter MacKenzie Austin, art by Pukyunosuke), and Mark: Winds of Hope (voiced by Wendee Lee, art by Wada Sachiko).

Hector’s lineup of skills are Valiant War Axe, Armored Beacon, Ostia’s Heart, Vengeful Fighter 4, and D/R Far Save 3. Eliwood has Fiery War Sword, Luna, Spd/Def Clash 4, S/D Near Trace 3, and Inborn Idealism. Rebecca can learn Gusty War Bow, Moonbow, Atk/Spd Finish 3, and Null Follow-Up 3. Finally, for Mark it’s Total War Tome, Iceberg, Remote Mirror, Sabotage A/R 3, and Canto Control 3.

Yuri: Underground Lord will be appearing in Fire Emblem Heroes as a new Legendary Hero, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced.

The character is voiced by Alejandro Saab with art from sena. Yuri also has the learnable skills Abyssal Blade, Foul Play, Atk/Spd Hexblade, Seal Spd 4, and Fetters of Dromi.

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