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Flashback 2

Flashback 2 story

Microids and Paul Cuisset are offering a new look at Flashback 2 thanks to a story trailer that’s just been released.

The premise is that in the heart of a dystopian future, hero Conrad B. Hart must confront the fearsome Morphs who aim to enslave all life in the solar system. Players will have to deploy all their skills in the platform shooter, which offers striking fluidity and precision.

Flashback 2 New Washington

 Flashback 2 is back with a new trailer, and this time around, we have a video for the city of New Washington. 

Here’s the latest on the title, courtesy of Microids:

Flashback 2 release date physical

Publisher Microids, Microids Lyon/Paris Studios, and Paul Cuisset today shared more specific release date plans for Flashback 2 as well as news about the game’s physical release.

Flashback 2 was originally announced in 2021 and was planned for 2022. However, it was delayed to 2023 about a year ago.

Microids has reconfirmed that Flashback 2 is planned to launch in 2023.

Today’s update may cause some confusion as this was the most recent release window for the game. It was on track for 2022 when it was initially announced in May 2021, but as of June this year, it was already moved to 2023. Microids’ status report today makes it sound like the delay was just determined now, though we know that isn’t the case.

flashback 2 release window trailer

Last May, Microids announced Flashback 2. The title resurfaced during Summer Game Fest today, and it was confirmed that the title will launch on Switch in 2023.

Here’s an overview of the sci-fi- adventure game:

Flashback 2 announced

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Flashback 2

Paul Cuisset and Microids have announced that they’re working on a sequel to the 1992 game Flashback. Flashback 2 is currently in development for “PC and consoles”. A release is planned for 2022.

Switch received a new version of the original Flashback in 2018. The sequel will likely end up on the console as well.

Here’s the full announcement for Flashback 2:

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