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Freedom Planet

Nintendo has published its second indie interview from PAX Prime 2015. This time around, the company’s Damon Baker interviews GalaxyTrail about Freedom Planet. We have the video below.

Following a few days, Freedom Planet should be available on Wii U this month. Developer Stephen DiDuro shared the news on Twitter.

In his message, DiDuro wrote:

No date yet, but at least it’s coming! Hopefully all of the issues will be ironed out this time around.

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Update: Freedom Planet has now been taken down from the eShop. Nintendo took care of things rather quickly!

Freedom Planet can currently be purchased on the North American Wii U eShop. However, as you may recall, GalaxyTrail said that the game would be delayed for a third time a few days ago due to technical issues that still have not been eliminated. Basically, someone messed up big time!

If you do decide to purchase Freedom Planet, keep in mind that your console may experience freezing issues. It also looks like the [email protected] discount is not being applied. That’s another sign of Freedom Planet going up earlier than planned.

Thanks to Jake R for the tip.

Freedom Planet has been unfortunately delayed once again. GalaxyTrail had most recently hoped to have the game ready to go on Thursday, but freezing issues are still present. A new date will not be announced until all issues have been addressed.

Developer Stephen DiDuro wrote in the official GalaxyTrail forums:

We received some sad news today: Our patch for the Wii U version of Freedom Planet didn’t fix all of the freezing issues. In light of this, we are cancelling our launch for the time being. We’re only going to announce a release date after the game is fixed and free of all issues not present in the PC version.

I understand that some fans out there were already upset at the last delay and that further delays would be the last straw, and to them I can only say that I’m sorry. I do not intend to deliver anything less than a 100% faithful and clean port, regardless of how long it takes.

If any of our new Wii U fans are interested in playing the PC/Mac/Linux version to tide them over, we’ll keep you updated on any sales or bundles we may be involved with in the future. We also have several extra announcements coming later this month including for our planned character DLC, so stay tuned.

We’re sorry again and thank you for your patience!

Freedom Planet has had several planned release dates on Wii U: August 3, August 13, and August 20. Here’s hoping that the next date will stick.


Freedom Planet will is scheduled to hit the North American Wii U eShop next Thursday. View some footage from the title below.

Update: GalaxyTrail’s official message is below. It doesn’t sound like the developer is committing to a specific date, though the thread title does state August 20.

As luck would have it, a serious bug in the Wii U version of Freedom Planet was found today that causes Wii U consoles to freeze, requiring a hard reset of the system. This bug only occurs in retail versions of the console, so neither Nintendo nor MP2 experienced the issue and we were only made aware of it by members of the press who tried the game over the past couple days.

We cannot allow the game to launch in a state that would potentially cause damage to Wii U consoles or make players think there is something wrong with their console, so we are delaying again until the issue is fixed. No one is more disappointed at this than me, but we have to do what we have to do.

Thank you for your patience and we will continue to update you on the status of our Wii U release.

Freedom Planet was initially scheduled to arrive on the North American Wii U eShop on August 3. Most recently, the title was pushed back to August 13 (this Thursday). Now it’s looking like Freedom Planet is seeing yet another slight delay.

Nintendo is now listing Freedom Planet for release on August 20, which would be next week. Let’s hope that date finally sticks!

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Freedom Planet was originally going to land on the Wii U eShop today. The game suffered a delay, but it sounds like it was a very minor one as it’s now rescheduled for release next week.

Developer Stevie DiDuro announced on Twitter that Freedom Planet is coming to Wii U on August 13. That’s next Thursday, so the title was only pushed back a few days.


It was previously announced that Freedom Planet would be coming to Wii U on August 3. However, the game’s release has since been delayed.

Developer Stephen DiDuro announced on Twitter that Freedom Planet will now be on Wii U sometime after RTX. He wrote:

RTX runs between August 7 and August 9. Freedom Planet should be heading to the eShop soon after – hopefully not too long!


Update: More [email protected] after the break – Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, RIVE, and forma.8.

Footage is now available of yet another [email protected] title – Freedom Planet. Check it out below.

Thanks to the [email protected] program announcement, we knew that Freedom Planet would be coming to the Wii U eShop in August. Now, however, we have a specific date. You can look forward to playing Freedom Planet on Wii U starting on August 3.


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