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Damon Baker is Nintendo of America’s Senior Marketing Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations. He’s also the new face of the company’s indie efforts.

Over the past few months, Baker has led the way on a couple of surprising and interesting eShop programs from Nintendo. The Humble Nindie Bundle was made available in late May, and just a few weeks later, Nintendo introduced [email protected]. Along with providing Wii U owners with the opportunity to try out new indie titles well before their release during E3 week, [email protected] had the added bonus of giving those who downloaded the demos a 15 percent discount when the full games launch.

We recently had a chat with Damon Baker to go more in depth regarding [email protected] Our discussion included talk about how the idea came to be, the challenges of bringing it to fruition, and the possibility of seeing it again in the future. Head past the break to read our full interview.

As part of its E3 2015 plans, Nintendo launched [email protected] in June. This was a special one-week promotional period in which Wii U owners were given the opportunity to download and play demos from upcoming indie titles. For gamers who couldn’t make it to E3, it allowed them to experience some of the excitement of being at the expo.

We reached out to five developers who were involved with [email protected] to share some thoughts about participating in the program. Below you’ll find some musings from 13AM Games (Runbow), Brainseed Factory (Typoman), MixedBag Games (forma.8), Ripstone (Extreme Exorcism), and Wales Interactive (Soul Axiom). What was it like for these studios to participate in Nintendo’s newest eShop initiative? How was it getting the demos up in time for E3? How do they feel about the program as a whole? These were just some of the topics the developers we reached out to touched upon, and each team shared some very interesting insight about the process of being included in [email protected] Continue on below for their thoughts.

[email protected] was held during E3 week in both North America and Europe. In Australia and New Zealand, however, there was a delay. This was due to classifications for the various demos that were required.

[email protected] will finally be coming to the two aforementioned territories on Friday. The same nine games will be playable at different points throughout the next few weeks:

31st July – 6th August – forma.8, Runbow, Extreme Exorcism
7th August – 13th August – Lovely Planet, RIVE, Typoman
14th August – 20th August – Freedom Planet, Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, and Soul Axiom

Grabbing any of the downloads will provide a 15 percent discount when the full games launch.


USgamer recently had the chance to speak with Damon Baker, the head honcho of Nintendo’s indie efforts, about the [email protected] program. Check out the full interview below.


The [email protected] program went live on the North American and European Wii U eShops yesterday. This is a brand new initiative from the Big N, which lets fans preview nine upcoming indie titles for a limited time.

In Australia and New Zealand, this offer has yet to hit the eShop. Nintendo explained in North America and Europe that game demos need to be classified before they’re released in these territories – hence the delay. The company added, “We are currently working with the developers to make it happen in Australia and New Zealand.”

Here’s the full message from Nintendo’s Facebook page:

The [email protected] programme has been announced by Nintendo in North America and Europe, where fans can access free preview versions of nine Nindie games from Nintendo eShop for Wii U for a limited time.

Down Under, unlike America and Europe, game demos need to be officially classified before their release, therefore in this region we require more time for these titles to be made available.

We are currently working with the developers to make it happen in Australia and New Zealand.

We thank you for being patient. Please stay tuned for further

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Update: More [email protected] after the break – Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, RIVE, and forma.8.

Footage is now available of yet another [email protected] title – Freedom Planet. Check it out below.

Footage of the [email protected] games is now available for viewing. Videos for xtreme Exorcism, Soul Axiom, Runbow, Typoman, and Lovely Planet are posted below.

Nine indie demos have hit the North American and European Wii U eShops as part of the new “[email protected]” program. For the next week, players can try out games such as Runbow, RIVE, Soul Axiom, Freedom Planet, and more.

Here’s the full lineup of sizes:

Runbow – 810 MB
RIVE – 551 MB
forma.8 – 110 MB
Mutant Mudds Super Challenge – 45 MB
Soul Axiom – 548 MB
Extreme Exorcism – 270 MB
Typoman – 515 MB
Lovely Planet – 110 MB
Freedom Planet – 73 MB


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