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Game Center CX 3

Namco Bandai recently revealed Blood of Dragon for Game Center CX 3, one of the mini-games including in the upcoming 3DS title. Additionally, the package will include Korokoro Game – a labyrinth-type experience in which users tilt the playfield to roll a ball to a goal. 14 games in total have been confirmed for Game Center CX 3 thus far.


Namco Bandai has shared details and screenshots for Game Center CX 3’s “Blood of Dragon”, one of the mini-games included in the upcoming 3DS title.

Blood of the Dragon is an RPG that places players in the shoes of Ask. You’ll need to defeat the root of evil to bring peace back to the world.

Blood of the Dragon includes a real-time combat system as well as a job change system. It also features a time bar at the bottom of the screen where you can see everyone’s turns.


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