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Original: A release date has just been announced for Rear Sekai, an upcoming action RPG by Story of Seasons producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto – plus we have the opening movie below. Publisher Bushiroad and developer Hakama have confirmed that the game will release in Japan on October 12, 2023.

This news comes via the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine, which also revealed some additional details on the game. Players will experience both a fantasy world and more realistic one, the two of which will be linked. They’ll also be able to roam through dungeons, battle huge bosses, explore with various actions, and find treasure chests to obtain better gear. The game will also feature a “Build System”, which allows them to build interactions and battle styles with partner characters called Alliances.

Worth Life gameplay

New gameplay is now available for Worth Life, an action RPG from Hakama that just debuted in the west following its Japanese debut. Over an hour of footage shows off the recent release.

You can find a bit of additional information about Worth Life in the following overview:

Worth Life English west

Worth Life is finally getting an English release in the west, Hakama has announced.

The slice-of-life game and side-scrolling RPG originally launched for Switch in Japan last year. It comes from Yoshifumi Hashimoto, the producer of Rune Factory and Story of Seasons.

Worth Life

Over in Japan, the slice-of-life game from Rune Factory / Story of Seasons producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto released on the Japanese eShop today following its announcement during the latest Nintendo Direct. Find some footage in the video below.

Worth Life is out now in Japan, but it’s unclear if / when the game will head west. We have more information about it here.

Worth Life

Worth Life is another game that appeared during today’s Nintendo Direct – but only in Japan. It’s a fairly notable announcement as it’s made by Hakama and comes from Rune Factory / Story of Seasons producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto.

Here’s what we know thus far:

A new trailer has arrived for Rune Factory 5, which comes to Switch on May 20 in Japan, and some time in 2021 in the West. The Japanese trailer “A Tour with Chief Livia! A Five-Minute Stroll through Rigberth,” shows off some of the various town facilities that the player will be able to utilize. Check out the roughly five minute video here:


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