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Harry Potter

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories developer Climax Studios once created a couple of DS prototypes based on the Harry Potter franchise. Neither one saw a lengthy period of development.

Climax’s first pitch was for a Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire game. The demo was simple, with players being able to control Harry, Ron, or Hermione while drawing spells on the touch screen. Development ended after just a few weeks.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Dumbledore’s Army also didn’t last long, as work on the project was scrapped after just four days. It sounded like Climax had some ambitious plans here, as the team would have liked to include a fully-explorable Hogwarts, online versus modes, a co-op action mode, and the ability to take care of familiars similar to that of Pokemon.

Here’s a look at both prototypes shown by PtoPOnline:

In a new report, Unseen64 claims that Nintendo Software Technology created a pitch in 1998 to obtain exclusive access to the Harry Potter franchise. Had Nintendo been successful, it would have “secured the rights to produce all adaptations of the book series for the indefinite future in video game form; potentially preventing the eventual movie adaptations from being created altogether”.

Unseen64 says – via a former artist at NST – that two groups planned separate pitches. One group would focus on a third-person adventure title, while the other (including Marvel comic book artist Adi Granov) would concentrate its efforts on a game based on Quidditch.

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