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Huey Games

The open-world RPG Silk is making its way to Switch, Huey Games and International Hobo have announced. The game will be available sometime in September.

We have the following overview and trailer for Silk:

Today, Huey Games announced its next project. Wreckout, a competitive title about flinging a ball and knocking down your opponent’s shield, is due out next year.

Thus far we only have the following trailer to go on:

Wreckout launches for Switch in Q2 2019.


Later this week, Hyper Sentinel will finally be arriving on Switch through the eShop. Check out some footage from the final build below.

Huey Games has announced a release date for the Switch game Hyper Sentinel. The “pure arcade flip and scroll shooter” is slated for release via the eShop on May 11.

Hyper Sentinel offers “simple controls, fast-paced action and intuitive gameplay” in which “players jump into the role of a lone ship defending the earth from marauding aliens, adding no extra waffle than that.” We have a new trailer below.

If you’re attending EGX Rezzed 2018 at Tobacco Docks, London a playable demo for Hyper Sentinel will be available.

Source: Huey Games PR

Huey Games has an extended trailer ready for The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, an upcoming point-and-click adventure game for Switch. You can view it below.

Huey Games shared a new video for Hyper Sentinel today giving a look at the title running on Switch. Have a look at it below.

Lightfoot Bros has teamed up with Huey Games to release The Mystery of Woolley Mountain on various platforms, including Switch.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a point and click adventure that will have players exploring “a surreal and fantastical world as a group of renegade time-travelling audio scientists who are on a quest to save kidnapped children from a malevolent witch.” Gamers are promised ” a rich and hilarious storyline, quirky characters, colorful cartoony visuals and awesome music.”

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is slated for Summer 2018. View a trailer below.



Huey Games released a new dev blog for Hyper Sentinel, which is coming to Switch. The video below shows the latest footage and making improvements to colors in particular.


Hyper Sentinel will be out on Switch this summer as an eShop download. For an early look at the title, watch the video below.

Hyper Sentinel is in the works for Switch, Huey Games announced today. The shoot ’em up will release alongside the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions this summer.

Here’s a trailer:

Hyper Sentinel is described as “a super-slick, ultra-fast arcade shooter with an explosive pixel-art aesthetic.” The game, which runs at 60 frames per second, has twelve levels, power ups, and boss battles. There are also sixty medals to complete, online leaderboards, three difficulty modes, a combo chain score system, and SID-style chiptune soundtrack by Fractures.

Source: Huey Games PR