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Intelligent Systems

Following today’s release of Resplendent Hero Corrin: Fateful Prince, Intelligent Systems has announced the next Resplendent Hero making their way to Fire Emblem Heroes. L’Arachel: Princess of Light will be our next Resplendent Hero, and she’ll become available in the game on August 10 at 12 AM PT, along with all of the usual Feh Pass quests.

Here are more details on the character below.

Fire Emblem Heroes Askr: God of Openness

Askr: God of Openness is joining Fire Emblem Heroes as the game’s latest Mythic Hero, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced. He’s voiced by Dustin Rubin. Art is by Kozaki Yusuke. As for his learnable skills, the lineup includes Illuminating Horn, Bonfire, Atk/Def Ideal 4, Atk/Def Bulwark 3, and Opened Domain.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be making Askr: God of Openness available on July 26. View a trailer for the event below.

Fire Emblem Heroes Special Summon: Ymir & More

Nintendo has announced the Special Summon: Ymir & More summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will feature
Cecilia: Valentia’s Hope (voiced by Erica Linebeck, art by Noy), Est: Sweet Baby Sis (voiced by Brianna Knickerbocker, art by Kousei Horiguchi), Kamui: Wandering Blade (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook, art by Suzuki Rika), and Ymir: Life Mother (voiced by Erin Yvette, art by Niji Hayashi). A new story chapter is also planned.

Cecilia’s learnable skills include Mila’s Testament, Moonbow, Life and Death 4, Soul of Zofia, and Inf. Null Follow 3. Est has Tri-Edge Lance, Iceberg, Atk/Res Push 4, and Flow Feather 3. The lineup of Kamui’s skills are Up-Front Blade+, Luna, Spd/Def Ideal 3, and Atk/Def Oath 3. Lastly, Ymir has Everliving Breath, Rally Up Atk+, Atk/Res Unit, A/R Near Trace 3, and Everliving Domain.

Following the recent release of Karla: Sword Vassal, the next Resplendent Hero to join Fire Emblem Heroes will be Corrin: Fateful Prince. He is scheduled to become available on July 25, at 12AM PDT.

Check out an overview of the character below:

Fire Emblem Heroes Taken by the Tide

Today, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems announced Taken by the Tide as the next summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes and it kicks off later this week. It will feature Eirika: Beach Restorer (voiced by Kira Buckland, art by Wada Sachiko), Nifl: Tropical Ice God (voiced by anairis Quinones, art by Suzuhito Yasuda), Lyon: Sunlit Prince (voiced by Mark P. Whitten, art by hou), and the duo Thorr: Sun-Kissed Gods (voiced by Laila Berzins + Erika Ishii, art by Maeshima Shigeki).

Eirika’s learnable skills include Caring Conch, Luna, Steady Impact, Moonlit Bangle F, and Atk/Spd Oath 4. Nifl has Chilled Breath, Glimmer, Atk/Spd Catch 4, S/R Near Trace 3, and Domain of Ice. Lyon can use Coral Saber+, Moonbow, Atk/Def Ideal 3, and Lull Atk/Def 3. Lastly, Thorr features the skills Divine Whimsy, Blazing Thunder, Still Water 4, A/R Far Trace 3, and Worldbreaker.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 6.7.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced a new 6.7.0 update that’s dropping next week for Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s set to go live on July 4 in North America / July 5 in Europe.

Players can look forward to new Memento Events, new weapon skills and weapons to refine, and more.

The full patch notes for the Fire Emblem Heroes version 6.7.0 update are as follows:

Fire Emblem Heroes 1 billion revenue

Sensor Tower is reporting that Fire Emblem Heroes has surpassed $1 billion in lifetime global player. It’s the first Nintendo game on mobile to do so.

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s second most successful mobile title having generated $282 million. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is in third at $281.6 million. Thus far, Nintendo’s mobile games have generated over $1.8 billion from player spending worldwide.

fire emblem heroes Xander: Gallant King

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced that Xander: Gallant King will appear in Fire Emblem Heroes as the game’s next Legendary Hero.

Myrrh is voiced by George Spelvin and features art by PenekoR. His learnable skills include Ebon Bolverk, Luna, Atk/Spd Catch 4, Chivalry, and C Feud 3.

Following Matthew: Faithful Spy’s release tomorrow, the next Resplendent Hero to join Fire Emblem Heroes will be Karla: Sword Vassal. She is set to become available July 10, at 12 AM PT, and will come with her own set of Feh Pass quests.

Check out more details on  the character below:

Fire Emblem Switch leak

Earlier today, we reported on rumored details regarding the next Fire Emblem game for Switch. We heard about a few aspects such as a new character that has strange red and blue hair with a mother that’s a dragon, the ability to summon characters from previous titles, and more.

Reddit user miasmadelta has now come forward with images supposedly showing off the game. They at least back up what we heard earlier about the main character. miasmadelta also says that the summoning aspect isn’t a huge part of the game and says it’s not set in modern day.

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