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A new Summoning Focus has gone live in Fire Emblem Heroes. The focus units for this one are a total of 12 Heroes at the 4-star and 5-star rarity level with useful skills: Cain – The Bull, Soleil – Adorable Admirer, Hinata – Wild Samurai, Abel – The Panther, Tailtiu – Thunder Noble, L’Arachel – Princess of Light, Camilla – Bewitching Beauty, Fae – Divine Dragon, Nino – Pious Mage, Klein – Silver Nobleman, Jeorge – Perfect Shot and Felicia – Maid Mayhem. The Summoning Focus will be available until April 17th.

Fire Emblem Heroes recently added in some new maps featuring Robin: Fell Vessel and Olivia: Blushing Beauty. We have some footage of both below.

Fire Emblem Heroes has added in three more pieces of content today.

First, Bound Hero Battle Revival: Minerva & Maria is up and running. Players can take on limited-time special quests until April 10.

Fire Emblem Heroes also has the Grotto of Fire added for Blessed Gardens. You can visit it using four Heroes who are either Fire-type legendary Heroes or Heroes with a Fire blessing.

Lastly, Awakening Special Maps, Part 2 is here. It features Olivia: Flushing Beauty.

Fire Emblem Heroes will be running the Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot starting on April 4, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems announced today. To celebrate, Special Heroes: Spring Festival has returned until April 10.

Starting today and lasting until April 14, players can receive Orbs up to ten times from a Voting Gauntlet Log-In Bonus. Finally, you might also be interested to hear that the fourth Rival Domains can be experienced until April 7.

Fire Emblem Heroes’ next major update, which will be released sometime in April, will add a couple of new weapon skills and weapons that can be refined in the Weapon Refinery.

The following completely new weapon skills will be added:

A new Legendary Summoning Focus is now live. It features 5 star versions of Robin: Fell Vessel, Tiki, Elise, Lucina, Lyn, Sakura, Nowi, Lute, Fjorm, Gunnthr√°, Zelgius, and Ike. This summoning focus will be available until April 3rd.

A new summoning focus has started in Fire Emblem Heroes. For the latest event, three Heroes with a special skill are featured. “Miracle” keeps them alive even after a mortal blow.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Summoning Focus: Heroes with Miracle lasts until April 7.

Later this week, the Legendary Hero Robin: Fell Vessel will be available in Fire Emblem Heroes. We have a trailer for the summoning below.

The new event goes live on March 29, lasting until early next week.

A set of new quests are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. As their name implies, the Earth Blessing quests require you to use units that have the Earth Blessing conferred on them. The quest objectives are defeating foes of a variety of levels and colors as well as clearing specific stratums of the Training Tower. The rewards for clearing the quests are orbs, feathers and stamina potions. The quests will be available for two weeks.

Fire Emblem Heroes has received a couple of content updates. First, Bound Hero Battle Revival: Ninian & Hawkeye is now active with limited-time special quests. Grotto of Earth has also been added to Blessed Gardens.

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