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Intelligent Systems

We have a massive amount of art for Paper Mario: The Origami King showcasing the various characters in the game. A few of these we’ve shared previously, but they were in much smaller resolution.

Here’s the full set:

Paper Mario: The Origami King is available now on Switch.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have prepared a trailer for the latest summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes known as A New Future. We have it below.

A New Future features Dimitri, Claude, Lysithea, and Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. A new story chapter is also planned.

As revealed by the latest NPD report published today, Paper Mario: The Origami King came in at #3 on the July chart. That’s not bad at all, especially considering it released during the middle of the month.

We now have some additional insight into Paper Mario’s performance in the United States. According to the NPD, Paper Mario: The Origami King managed to set a new launch month sales record for a Paper Mario title. Physical launch month dollar sales more than doubled those of Super Paper Mario. Given that digital sales aren’t factored in here, that makes this statistic even more notable.


Fire Emblem Heroes is currently hosting multiple events.

First, another single-day Bound Hero Battle featuring Innes & Eirika is now live. Paired with this is a single-day 5-star Summoning Focus featuring Innes: Regal Strategician, Eirika: Restoration Lady, and Ephraim: Sacred Twin Lord. Make sure not to miss it!

Additionally, the latest Røkkr Sieges event is now being hosted:

The first set of battles and new stages are live now from August 14 to August 16.
Battle 2 and its corresponding stages are live from August 16 to August 18.
And Battle 3 is live from August 18 to August 20.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have returned with a second Feh Channel presentation of the month for Fire Emblem Heroes. Today’s video introduces results from Choose Your Legends Round 4, a new Frontline Phalanx event for the September update, and more.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available for mobile on iOS and Android.

Fire Emblem Heroes is once again hosting a single-day Bound Hero Battle paired with a matching Summoning Focus. Today’s Bound Hero Battle features Alm and Faye, and the 5-star Summoning Focus features Alm: Hero of Prophecy, Faye: Devoted Heart, and Celica: Warrior Priestess. These will only be available for one day only, so be sure to take part!

Additionally, a new Tactics Drills map is available: Pirate Royalty (Skill Studies, Hard)

Intelligent Systems is once again putting forth another single-day Bound Hero Battle and Summoning Focus in Fire Emblem Heroes. Today’s Bound Hero Battle event features Tibarn & Caineghis, and the 5-star Summoning Focus features Tibarn: Lord of the Air, Caineghis: Gallia’s Lion King, and Reyson: White Prince.

These will only be available for today, so be sure to take part while they are around!

In addition, players can now pre-register for the latest Røkkr Sieges event. Players can receive rewards including Orbs or Hero Feathers based on their performance and Divine Codes (Ephemera 8) for clearing quests.

Lastly, the latest Mjölnir’s Strike has entered its Shield Phase. Mjjölnir’s Strike 31 features Delthea: Tatarrah’s Puppet.

Fire Emblem Heroes is now hosting a  5-star Summoning Focus featuring Forsyth: Loyal Lieutenant, Python: Apathetic Archer, and Lukas: Sharp Soldier. Bound Hero Battle: Forsyth and Python is also now live. Both these events will be available until August 19.

Additionally, another single-day Bound Hero Battle and Summoning Focus is now live. Bound Hero Battle: Jeorge & Gordin and a Summoning Focus featuring Jeorge: Perfect Shot, Gordin: Altean Archer, and Hardin: Dark Emperor are available for one day only. Be sure to take part while you can.

A new summoning focus has dropped in Fire Emblem Heroes and this one features heroes that have gained new skills. These heroes will be featured alongside the new weapon skills Setsuna’s Yumi & Tome of Order and a new weapon to refine- Bright Naginata. 

The Resplendent Hero Olwen is also available to Feh Pass subscribers. Olwen brings with her some new Feh quests that will run until August 24, 11:59pm PT. 

Finally, the Bound Hero Battle: Morgan & Morgan will be live for one more day as well as the summoning event featuring Morgan: Lad from Afar, Morgan: Lass from Afar, and Robin: High Deliverer.

Paper Mario: The Origami King has a number of bosses known as “Legion of Stationery”. These enemies come in the form of pencils, sticky tape, and more.

German outlet PCGames recently asked producer Kensuke Tanabe about the decision to have these bosses be regular objects instead of “normal” bad guys. Regarding that, Tanabe mentioned: